Ideas often jostle at the gate. Most of the time, they leave as quickly as they came! The main reason ? Lack of means. Today, crowdfunding is Panama WhatsApp Number List and allows entrepreneurs to go to the end of their project. It is still necessary to do it well. So how do you do it? How to succeed in your crowdfunding campaign?

In life, there are two schools: the school “We often have the ideas but rarely the means” and the school “When we want we can”. I like to let myself think that the second is now taking precedence over the first. With Crowdfunding, the excuse of financial means is actually less valid. If the idea is good and relevant, crowdfunding, well used, will make it possible.

In 2014, according to the Crowdfunding Guide , 152 million euros were collected in France through crowdfunding, ie 10 times more than in 2011 and twice more than in 2013. They were 650,000 French to have contributed to the financing of a project in 2013.

44% of the projects concerned the financing of a company and 21% of the associative projects. In 2013, science and technology represented only 1% of the sums collected by crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding? How it works ?
Crowdfunding is the French translation of crowdfunding. Basically, to popularize the concept, crowdfunding is all the methods and tools used to finance a project by appealing to the generosity of people.

The web and social networks are also the source of great things. This is the case of the collaborative economy, of which crowdfunding is one of the central elements.

Crowdfunding In Figures

A crowdfunding campaign works like this: you set an amount of donations to be reached. You have a set period to achieve this goal. Either you hit it and get the funds back, or you don’t hit your goal and backers get refunded. You can generally offer rewards to participants depending on the amount of their donation.

Crowdfunding should not be confused with crowdsourcing. Speaking of crowdsourcing, we are talking about participatory production. Crowdsourcing is in fact the use of skills, know-how, knowledge and collective intelligence. Crowdfunding only concerns funding.

How to plan your Crowdfunding campaign
Select your crowdfunding platform:
There are dozens of them. It is important to study their audience and their functioning to choose the most suitable crowdfunding platform for their project, their values, their image and their target.


For this there are no mysteries. You have to survey the different platforms, analyze current projects and contributions. Do you also look at the competition: what are their results? how do contributors behave towards them? Is the platform too competitive or, on the contrary, not enough?

Below is a list of the main crowdfunding platforms available to you:

MyMajorCompany: the oldest in France. When it was created in 2007, MyMajorCompany specialized in the crowdfunding of artistic projects. Grégoire and Joyce Jonathan are two artists propelled to the front of the stage thanks to this platform. Since 2012, MyMajorCompany has opened up to crowdfunding for all types of projects.

KissKissBankBank: founded in France in 2009, KissKissBankBank owes its name to the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The platform now has more than 300,000 subscribers and collected more than 8 million donations in 2013.

Crowdfunding, Twice As Many Funds Raised

Ulule: this crowdfunding platform was created in France in 2010. Ulule is with KissKissBankBank one of the European leaders in crowdfunding. Ulule has more than 400,000 members and has collected more than 13 million euros in donations since its creation.
Kickstarter: it is the American leader. Established in 2009, Kickstarter raised over $ 480 million in 2013 through 3 million backers. If your project is international, this is probably the crowdfunding platform to use.

There are dozens of crowdfunding sites available in France. Zenteprendre, Notrepetite entreprise and Reservoirfunds, for example, specialize in business creation.

Establish a marketing plan. Like any event, a crowdfunding operation requires the development of a strategy and a marketing plan. Creating a crowdfunding campaign is not enough.

You will have to communicate on your idea, on your project, to convince your target to take action by making a donation. A real seduction operation then begins.

To reach your target, you will first have to determine the platforms where you can reach them: which social networks do they frequent? Do they also frequent other social media like blogs or forums? To help you in this task, I recommend this reading: The different types of Internet users and consumers.

Once you have determined which social media to integrate into your marketing plan, you will need to define the content to create and share to get your message across.

What is your target looking for? Content must inform, learn, cultivate or entertain. It’s up to you to determine the vocation of your content according to your objective, your idea and your target.

To create your content, I advise you to rely on this periodic table of content marketing in which you will find all the elements to consider in your strategy.

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