5 tips to gain more subscribers on YouTube. In order for your videos to be seen on YouTube, you will have to Colombia WhatsApp Number List new subscribers. Here are the 3 best practices to follow to develop your community on YouTube: Think keywords!

To be well referenced on YouTube is like referencing on Google ! You need to use the right keywords to compose your YouTube video title, description, and tag field. Write headlines!

Long before viewing your YouTube video, the user will read its title. So make sure you write titles that make you want to watch your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Think about the added value of your video, the benefit that the Internet user could derive from it by viewing it. Build partnerships!

You have just created a YouTube channel for your business and are therefore looking for your first subscribers. To develop the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel, you will be able to forge partnerships with influencers in your market who already have an interesting community. To do this, offer them, for example, to test one of your products or to publish an interview on your channel.

On social media, there is nothing worse than irregularity. To create an effective corporate YouTube channel, you will need to ensure that you stick to an optimal posting rate. For that, nothing better than to work on an editorial line allowing you to organize the uploading of your YouTube videos according to the events of the year (end of year celebrations, Holidays, Sales …) and your possibilities.

Your success on YouTube will depend directly on your ability to establish a close relationship between you, your business and your audience. For this, you need to address your customers and prospects on YouTube as if they were in front of you.

Another point: do you want people viewing your videos to subscribe to your channel, share or comment? Ask them, it’s still the best way to get what you want! How to create an effective YouTube channel? Infographic!

Address Your Audience

Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon in the space of a few days. In the streets, people walk with their heads taped to their smartphones, according to Pokemon, without trying to find out where it will lead them… What if Pokemon Go were an opportunity for traders to attract new customers to the store?

Pokemon Go, what is it?
Pokemon Go is a free-to-play mobile game (free game with in-app purchases). Its principle is simple: based on geolocation and augmented reality technologies, Pokemon Go allows you to go hunting for Pokemon in the streets of your city and all over the world.

Just like in the Pokemon games released on Console, Pokemon Go allows you to train, evolve and fight your Pokemon in order to become the best trainer.


Important point for the rest of this article around the steps to follow to attract more customers in stores with Pokemon Go: during your walks, you will come across arenas and Pokestop.

Arenas are places where the title of champion is constantly contested through Pokemon battles. Pokestop are places where you can collect items that allow you to progress in the game.

Pokemon Go, a worldwide phenomenon!
In a few days, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon, even before the official release of the game! While strolling in the streets, you will certainly come across dozens of people with their heads riveted on their smartphones… Don’t ask yourself what they are doing, they are hunting Pokemon on Pokemon Go!

To confirm the importance taken by Pokemon Go, here are some key figures that show that mobile gaming is doing better than all the major social networks: how to attract new customers in store with pokemon go

As shown by this graph produced by Sensor Tower and relayed by Techcrunch , Pokemon Go users spend on average more than 33 minutes on the application when the Facebook application is used daily for “only” 22 minutes!

Create Your Editorial Line

This article also reveals that Pokemon Go is already the most played mobile game in the United States and that the number of daily users on Pokemon Go is greater than the number of Twitter users.

These figures clearly underline the marketing potential of Pokemon Go. How to exploit it? How can merchants attract more customers to stores with Pokemon Go? attract more customers with pokemon go

3 steps to attracting more customers to the store with Pokemon Go
What makes the game Pokemon Go so interesting is that it doesn’t require us to sit on your sofa in front of the TV to play it. On the contrary, based on augmented reality technology, Pokemon Go encourages you to leave your home and roam the streets of your city to catch as many Pokemon as possible.
With its 24 million unique visitors each month in France, YouTube is a relevant lever for your communication. At a time when visual content is always more popular, creating a YouTube channel will allow you to boost your company’s communication. How? ‘Or’ What ? Here is the process to create an effective YouTube channel!

YouTube in numbers
YouTube is no longer just a video sharing site but is a real industry. To realize the potential of YouTube, here are some key figures initially relayed by WebRankInfo:

Every minute, 400 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube!
Every day, 600,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube!
Every day, the equivalent of 46,000 years are spent watching videos on YouTube!
6 questions to ask yourself before starting a YouTube channel for your business
Who is the target of your YouTube channel?
To create a successful YouTube channel, it is important to know who it is going to target. Who is your target? What are their needs, their expectations? This is undoubtedly the most important question to ask yourself since it is this one that will allow you to have all the information in hand to upload videos that will attract your consumers.

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