How do you create the perfect LinkedIn profile to gain new customers? LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for El Salvador Phone Number List into customers. Here are 10 tips for creating a LinkedIn profile optimized for prospecting.

Commercial prospecting has never been so complicated. The reason is quite simple: your customers no longer have the same expectations and prefer to seek information themselves rather than being interrupted by your canvassing actions. In this situation, social networks – LinkedIn in the lead – are levers that should not be neglected in your commercial prospecting.

LinkedIn, with its 500 million subscribers and its 14 million users in France , has become a formidable base of contacts for your commercial prospecting. With just a few clicks on LinkedIn, you can identify and connect with the key decision maker in any company you are targeting.

You need to create an efective LinkedIn profile that will attract prospects and allow you to optimize your prospecting actions.

10 tips for creating an effective LinkedIn profile

how to make a prospecting linkedin profile

Add a professional LinkedIn profile picture

Studies are unanimous on the subject. A LinkedIn profile with a profile photo is more visited than a LinkedIn profile without a photo.

However, to harness all this potential

Did you know that a LinkedIn account with a professional profile picture has 14 times more visits and 36 times more likely to receive a message?

To create an effective LinkedIn profile for prospecting, choose a profile photo that is professional but not overly formal. Of course, it all depends on your target audience, but avoid going for an old-fashioned profile picture, in a suit / tie with your arms crossed. Your goal is to make your prospects want to get in touch with you on LinkedIn!

Also, be sure to use the correct dimensions for your LinkedIn profile picture.


When we go to our clients and analyze their LinkedIn profiles, 90% of the time, we find that they haven’t put a cover photo.

To create the perfect LinkedIn profile, the cover photo is essential. It will not only allow you to stand out from your competitors but also to say a little more about your business.

On my LinkedIn profile, for example, I added a cover photo presenting one of my web training courses: it gives credibility to my expertise and demonstrates my legitimacy through my interventions in public.

Define a meaningful title

After photos, your LinkedIn profile title is the first thing your prospects will see. If you want to grab their attention and get them to contact you, you need to be clear.

Your LinkedIn profile title should reflect your area of ​​activity and function by using keywords that are strategic for your business. Are you an IT service company? The word “IT” must appear in your title.

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Take care of your description

Below the header of your LinkedIn profile appears your summary. Again, this is a section far too often neglected by LinkedIn users who do not really know what to put there.

Use the Description section to introduce yourself and clearly show why you are on LinkedIn. Offer your help, describe your added value and end with a teaser encouraging contact.

Don’t forget the cover photo

Detail your experiences

To create an optimized LinkedIn profile for your prospecting, you must position yourself as an expert in your field of activity. In this process, sharing your experiences is essential.

Often LinkedIn users are content to provide information about their experiences in the companies in which they have worked. It provides a little information but it is not enough to allow your prospects to validate your expertise.

Take advantage of the Experience fields of your LinkedIn profile to present your achievements and especially the results that you and your clients have obtained.

how to prospect on linkedin

Share great content

Remember: LinkedIn is a social network. And who says social network says sharing!

The best way to position yourself as a visible expert in your field of activity is to share high added value content with your network. This is not about relaying promotional messages from your company but rather about sharing content on LinkedIn that deals with and solves the problems that your prospects and customers encounter.

On LinkedIn, you also have the option of directly creating articles via the LinkedIn Pulse platform. This opportunity is really to be exploited. With our clients, LinkedIn articles are often read by a number of people 10x greater than the number of their contacts!

In addition, by creating and sharing quality content on your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to identify qualified prospects. Indeed, people liking, sharing or commenting on your publications will demonstrate an interest in the topic you are addressing and therefore will be likely to be interested in your offers.

Interact with your LinkedIn network

Continuing from the previous tip, if you want to prospect effectively on LinkedIn, consider engaging with your network by commenting, liking, and sharing their posts.

This is the opportunity for you to show your prospects and customers that you follow their news but also to provide relevant answers to their questions and therefore to position your LinkedIn profile as an expert in your field of activity.

Ask your customers for recommendations

At the end of your LinkedIn profile, you have the option of posting recommendations. This is the opportunity for you to reassure your prospects by presenting customer testimonials.

Whether in your paper communication media or on your website, you know that customer testimonials are a deadly weapon to convert your prospects into customers. It’s the same on your LinkedIn profile!

Join groups and follow pages in your domain

On your LinkedIn profile, there is an Interests section. It is made up of the pages you follow and the groups you have joined.

Joining groups and following LinkedIn pages will have a double advantage for your commercial prospecting: it will not only allow you to gain visibility but also to identify and get in touch with new potential prospects.

Personalize your LinkedIn profile address

Creating the perfect LinkedIn profile means paying attention to the smallest details. When you create a LinkedIn profile, that profile’s web address is made up of your “first name” followed by a series of hard numbers.

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