Action verbs: to make your ad attractive and encourage clicks, you must use action verbs. Avoid the verb click or Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List as spam. For example, for car rental, use the verb “rent” over the word “rental” in your ad.

– The exclusion of key words: let’s take a concrete example. You sell cell phones. You legitimately position yourself on the keyword “buy cheap laptop”. You are not immune to a user wishing to buy a laptop from falling and clicking on your ad. By excluding the keyword “computer”, you protect yourself from this type of misunderstanding. You can find the keywords that trigger the printing of your ads in the “More info >> Search terms >> All” section.

Landing Pages: the landing page, the landing page, directly influences the level of your Quality Score. The landing page must be attractive and encourage conversion. For this, it must be in perfect harmony with your keywords and ads. This is also why it is recommended to hyper-segment your ad groups. Thus, you can create pages specific to each keyword and ensure the relevance of your ad.

In conclusion,
Google keeps a great deal of mystery in the calculation of the Quality Score and it is sometimes difficult to optimize it or to understand certain fluctuations. However, it is important to follow it regularly and seek to constantly improve it.

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A good Quality Score is the guarantee of good positioning at a lower cost. Too many people make the mistake of increasing their Max CPC to get better positioning without ever trying to improve the Quality Score. To do so is to throw your money down the drain.

Indeed, a low Quality Score is not only synonymous with too expensive clicks and poor positioning. It is also an indication of the relevance of your actions and your communication strategy. Does your offer match the market? Is the price fair? Is your website well optimized for SEO? Ask yourself the right questions !

A portrait format: the most engaging images are in 2: 3 and 4: 5 format, in other words in portrait format and not landscape.
Trending Topic: A pin related to a hot topic has a 94% higher click-through rate. So give preference to seasonal images or those related to a current subject.


In conclusion,
Pinterest is still very little used by companies, especially in France. It is therefore an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and to demonstrate originality in your communication strategy.

To use Pinterest effectively, it is essential to establish a precise strategy in line with your objectives, the profile and the expectations of your target.

It’s a bit like everything. Technical progress is always good. By joining Ello, it’s a bit like switching from the iPhone to the Nokia 3210. At the beginning, it has its charm, it arouses nostalgia, curiosity. But over time, we quickly become jaded by the limits imposed by minimalism. I tried Ello on PC and smartphone. A word of advice: opt for the smartphone!

Can We Find Our Way There?

The challenges of this alternative social network
The idea is noble: to allow Internet users to join a social network that will never sell its soul to advertisers. In the short term, no problem. In the long term, however, Ello will face two major challenges:

Currently, social media business models are based exclusively on audience monetization. Ello now wants to build on a system of donations which will undoubtedly show its limits very quickly. To survive, Ello will therefore have to quickly find a source of income other than advertising.

The second challenge will be to persuade companies to integrate Ello into their communication strategy. How can a company today be tempted by a social network where advertising is demonized? On Ello, no communication via banner ads or sponsored posts… The only way to communicate effectively will be to publish high added value content. In conclusion, should you register on Ello? Yes ! I’m convinced !

Numerous studies show that Facebook is stalling. The various scandals surrounding the NSA and the protection of personal data are making Internet users more and more suspicious. These two points confirm the positioning chosen by Ello and therefore its potential.

Besides, participating in the launch of a new social network is very exciting. Ello is only in its beta test today. The future of the social network, uses and good practices will be directly determined by the first users. By registering now, you may be participating in the birth of the new great social network. Want to join me on Ello? I have 5 invitations to distribute in comments!

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