Funnel Marketing, we often hear about it but few really know how to create an effective Funnel Marketing. Your Bulgaria Email List qualified visitors, 2 – convert them to prospects, and 3 – convert them into customers. Let’s see how to do it. The idea is to attract a mass of potential clients and ultimately sign the best. Instead of Funnel Marketing, we could talk about Conversion Funnel. Knowing that B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking, creating Funnel Marketing is done globally on the Internet. On your website. Creating an effective B2B Marketing Funnel comes down to implementing actions that will allow you to.

Attract qualified visitors – the Top of the Funnel. Converting Your Visitors to Leads – The Middle of The Funnel. Converting Those Leads to Customers – The Bottom of The Funnel. To create effective Funnel Marketing, it is essential to understand the behaviors, the expectations of the decision-maker, and his position vis-à-vis you according to the 3 steps described above. It’s natural. The decision-maker does not have the same expectations and above all the same level of commitment towards you depending on whether he is in the Top, the Middle, or the Bottom of your Funnel Marketing. Create a B2B Marketing Funnel. The 3 levels of Funnel Marketing. Here we will keep it simple: the further you go into your Funnel Marketing.

What is Funnel Marketing?

The more contacts you find must be qualified, mature, and committed to your business. Top of the Funnel Marketing what is it? At the top of the Funnel, you attract as many visitors as possible who have more or less the profile of your ideal customer. In the Top of the Funnel, the visitor does not know you and does not necessarily have a short-term need. All we know in this phase of your Funnel Marketing is that the visitor encounters a problem for which you are potentially a solution. More or less direct. More or less obvious in his mind. What is the Middle of the Funnel Marketing? In the Middle of the Funnel.


The visitor has become a contact. He has engaged with you, in a more or less superficial way of course, by leaving you these coordinates and some key information. At this point in your Funnel Marketing, you can check if your contact is qualified, mature, and has a need (by when). What is the Bottom of the Funnel Marketing? At the Bottom of the Funnel stage, your contacts have indicated an interest in you. They match your ideal customer profile and are close to the buying decision. It is during this last phase of your Funnel Marketing that the contacts will be transmitted to the sales representatives for conversion into customers.

Funnel Marketing is a sales funnel

This is where your return on investment plays out. How to create Funnel Marketing step by step? Top of The Funnel Marketing actions. Work on your Personas. To attract qualified visitors, who match your ideal customer profile, you need to know very precisely what characterizes your ideal prospect. The work of the Personas is essential here. The idea here is to define the list of socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics that describe your ideal prospect. The work of Persona is fundamental to creating effective Funnel Marketing. The profitability of your Funnel Marketing depends on your ability to send the right message to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

The Guide to Working Your Personas Well. Create Value-Added Content. To attract qualified visitors, your website must add value. Remember. At Top of the Funnel, the people you attract don’t know you and often don’t yet have a need. Or they are not yet aware that they have a need. To attract the attention of the decision-maker and bring him into your Funnel Marketing, you must answer one of his problems or one of the questions he may ask himself in his purchase thinking. In other words, you must create content that is not about you but about your target. Your ideal prospect. The Guide to Attracting Qualified Visitors with Web Content. Promote your Content.

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