This point is important: indeed, you will have to do various tests before finding the optimal Call-To-Action, that is to say generating the most clicks. For a Call-To-Action to be effective, it must: Be visible at a glance. Reveal Japan Phone Number List by clicking on it. Be directive. B2B marketing automation guide. Here is an example of Call-To-Action that we use for SLN Web. The Landing Page. The Landing Page is a landing page that the visitor lands on after clicking on your Call-To-Action. The objective of the Landing Page is simple and unique: to convince the visitor to complete the information form in return for an offer of premium content.

Your page must therefore be designed to achieve this conversion goal and therefore limit distractions. Concretely, once on your Landing Page, the Internet user has two choices: fill out the form or close the window. For a Landing Page to be effective, it must . Be unique (one page per campaign). Do not offer the navigation menu of your website. Have a catchphrase presenting the added value of premium content. Contain a visual illustrating the premium content offer. Present the content of the premium offer in a few lines. Of course, the Landing Page must also contain a relevant form. The Smart Form. The Form is the main element to qualify your prospects. Indeed, the information that you ask your visitors must allow you to validate or not whether.

Do All This Without Having The Time

They correspond to your profile type of ideal prospect. This is where the alignment between Marketing and Sales becomes essential: to define the information to include in your form, you must know precisely the characteristics of a qualified prospect. It is essential that the form is thought out by Marketing and Sales. A Marketing Automation tool like Hubspot gives you a smart form feature that allows you to automatically replace one field with another when the visitor has already given you the information in a previous download. This is a huge asset since Marketing Automation allows you to limit the fields in your forms while collecting the maximum information necessary to qualify your prospects and measure their maturity.


For a form to be effective, it must: Suggest a limited number of fields. Offer a visible validation Call-To-Action. Be adapted to the premium content offer that you offer. This last point is very important: it is crucial to think of your download forms according to the premium offer that you offer. Remember: the buyer follows a 3-step purchasing process and does not have the same information need depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration or Decision phase. The premium content offer that you will offer will therefore correspond to one of these phases. It is important to understand here that the buyer does not have the same level of engagement depending on whether he is at the beginning or at the end of the buying process,

Your Prospects Are Not Qualified Enough

Thus, he is not ready to give you the same amount and nature of information at the beginning or at the end of the process. By setting up a relevant configuration tunnel through Call-To-Action, Landing Pages and Smart Forms, you will generate qualified leads. Now let’s see how to convert them into customers with Marketing Automation. How to convert your prospects into customers with Marketing Automation. To convert a prospect into customers, he must be mature. In other words, you need to deliver your upstream Marketing Leads at the right time to sales reps so they can convert them. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. In this process, Marketing Automation will be of great help to you thanks to two major functionalities:

Lead Scoring. The Lead Nurturing. Lead Scoring. Marketing Automation allows you to measure the degree of maturity of a prospect based on the history of his behavior towards your brand and your communications. This feature of Marketing Automation is Lead Scoring . Concretely, Lead Scoring consists in determining a list of characteristics for which you will define a rating, positive or negative, in order to obtain an overall rating of your prospects out of 100. The higher your prospect scores towards 100, the more qualified and mature they will be. Here are some examples of criteria that we use in the configuration of our Lead Scoring : The prospect’s function. The nature of the pages he visited on our website.

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