How to get your first fans and subscribers on social networks? Building an engaged and sustainable community is no small task. To convince Egypt Phone Numbers List you on social networks, it is vital to meet their expectations. How? ‘Or’ What ? This study is made for you!
94% of companies are more or less present on social networks. This is huge and it demonstrates the competition you have to face to get more fans and subscribers on your social media.

Very often we are approached by companies that have started communicating on social networks but are unable to get their first fans. Is this your case?

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The reason for this difficulty is often very simple: your communication on social networks is centered on your business and not on your target. To communicate well and get more subscribers on social networks, you must meet the expectations of your customers and prospects.

And so, the question to ask yourself is the following

Why do Internet users follow a brand on social networks?

7 reasons your customers will follow you on social media
why internet users follow a brand on social networks
They are interested in your products and services
This is the most obvious reason: 73.4% of Internet users follow a brand on social networks because they are interested in its products or services.

It is also for this reason that you fail in your communication on social networks: you advertise too much your products and services….

Let me explain. The important thing to understand here is that people are not going to follow your brand to be bombarded with advertising. Rather, they want to understand and learn how to solve their problems with your products and services. Do you understand the nuance?


They want promotions
58.8% of Internet users follow a brand on social networks because they are interested in promotions. This is indeed one of the keys to success on social networks, but rather in B2B and rather for consumer products.

As for the previous reason, it is important not to fall into extremes here and to sum up your communication on social media to the dissemination of promotions.

They want to be entertained

When we train our clients in social media communication, we like to remind them Content is King and that it is important to deliver Quality Content to get more fans / subscribers on their social media.

But what is quality content? Quality content is content that meets at least one of the following vocations: educate, inform, solve, entertain.

Very often, you easily understand the interest of the first 3 vocations. On the other hand, you don’t really see how to entertain your customers and prospects, especially in B2B.

Use your imagination: If you want to get more followers on your social networks, you can’t stick to very professional posts. It will be necessary to alternate with lighter publications!

You offer a counterpart
42.2% of Internet users follow a brand on social networks because it offers a reward. Here, we are mainly talking about a contest on social networks : you put in play a gift and to participate, you ask Internet users to join you on social networks and share one of your publications.

Contests work very well to get fans on your social networks. However, I really advise you not to overdo it and especially to limit your participation conditions to obtain the most qualified possible subscribers on your social networks.

They are interested in your field of activity
41.5% of Internet users follow a brand on social networks because they are interested in its industry. For me, this is the reason to use the most for your communication on social networks in B2B.

Social networks are an excellent opportunity for you to position yourself as a visible expert in your field of activity: you share quality content that meets the expectations and issues of your target group so, as soon as they are ready to buy, they will contact you immediately.

how to attract more fans on social networks
Here is the Top 10 of the most popular areas of activity on social networks: the distribution sector (Retail) logically comes first with the media and consumer goods.

We then notice that innovative and technological companies really have a blow to achieve on social networks.

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