In B2B, the sales cycle is long and complex. It can take weeks, months, or even years for a lead to become a customer. Lead Nurturing Pakistan Email List often. Here is the process to get started successfully. What is Lead Nurturing? Lead Nurturing is an Inbound Marketing strategy based on analyzing and understanding the different needs of a lead. With the Internet, the customer has become more demanding and independent in his purchase thinking. He leads it alone and at his own pace. And let’s be clear, it can take weeks or even months in B2B. Stat leads are not mature in B2B. 73% of the leads you generate in B2B are not yet ready to buy.

To convert your leads into customers, you must therefore keep in touch with them throughout this purchase reflection. That’s what Lead Nurturing is for. Clearly, Lead Nurturing consists of sending emails to your leads to send them quality content answering the questions they ask themselves throughout the buying journey. To your question “what type of content should I share with my leads? I will answer that it depends directly on the stage of the buying journey in which your lead is located. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Your Lead Nurturing strategy must allow you to answer the questions that the buyer asks whether they are in the Awareness.

Your Lead’s First Steps in Your Lead Nurturing

Consideration, or Decision phase presented in the visual above. Let’s see how. Lead Nurturing according to the 3 stages of the purchasing journey. In the first step of the conversion funnel, we find contacts who have only shown interest in the information that is not directly related to your products. He encounters a problem for which you have the solution. But he is only trying to understand his problem. He is in the Awareness phase. A lead of this type is a potential customer who, although they have left you their contact details, is at the very beginning of their thinking. He is therefore far from making his purchasing decision. At this stage, to help your lead in their purchase reflection.


You must share with this type of contact content suitable for the Awareness phase. For example, blog articles, infographics, or replay webinars that help him understand his problem. You understand that there is no point here to offer a request for a quote: the lead is not looking for a solution for the moment, he understands his problem. Your lead progresses in your Lead Nurturing. In the second phase of conversion, the leads are more mature. These contacts are now hotter and have repeatedly shown interest through downloading one or more content from your company. Plus, they’ve already started showing interest in your products or services. So now is the perfect time for them to receive so-called “Consideration” content.

Marketing Automation is a great option for that

They understand their problem well and are looking for the best solution to solve it. These can have different formats such as white papers, catalogs, or even customer testimonials. A lead who responded in a form to have a short-term project falls into this category. Your Lead Nurturing is working, your leads are ready to talk to your salespeople. Buyer’s behavior in B2B to generate leads. At the end of your conversion funnel is where the most qualified leads reside: the so-called “Decision” phase. That is, they are ready to speak with your salespeople. They have identified the solutions available to them and believe yours is the best. Your leads want to validate that they are making the right choice.

These are potential customers who express the desire to be contacted to deepen and evaluate your product and/or service with the help of a member of your sales department. This is the right time to send a demonstration proposal, appointment request, or famous quote request. Marketing Automation to automate Lead Nurturing. As you can see, lead nurturing is ultimately about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. To set up an effective Lead Nurturing strategy, you must be able to identify the level of maturity of your leads in order to classify them in the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision phases. Marketing Automation software allows you to automatically score your leads.

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