It is not always easy to know what to say on the internet and social networks. Whether it’s writing a blog post or posting Peru Phone Number List inspiration is always felt at one point or another. Is not it ? To avoid the blank page syndrome, here are 4 tools to find inspiration for sure:

Free community manager tools – Google Trends. Trends is a service offered by Google that allows you to view in real time the themes that are currently buzzing on the web. In concrete terms, Google presents the latest trends to you, taking into account the searches carried out by Internet users. Are you lacking inspiration for your blog or your social networks? On Trends, you will necessarily find the subjects that interest your customers!

Quora is a real hit in the United States. As of this writing, Quora is just arriving in France, but there is no doubt that its success will not be long in coming. Quora is a platform that allows Internet users to ask and answer any question. Users then vote for the most relevant answers and the most popular is displayed at the top of the list.

Quora is a gold mine for your communication on the internet and social networks since it allows you to quickly identify the questions your customers are asking. You are then free to write an article or a publication on your social networks.
As is often the case, Buzzsumo is a free tool up to a certain limit. Buzzsumo allows you to find for a theme all the blog articles that have been the most consulted and shared on social networks. Are you a restaurateur and do not know what to post on social networks? Enter “Gastronomy” and you will instantly find material.

Free Tools To Find Inspiration

You can also use Buzzsumo to analyze the topics you like the most and then cover them on your blog. How often do you come across an article that seems interesting when you don’t have time to read it? How many times do you not find it when you finally have some time to consult it? With Pocket, it’s over! Pocket allows you to save an article for future reference. Pocket is ideal for grouping articles around your theme in order to publish them on your social networks or to make a complete article for your blog.

Free tools to carry out your monitoring. To communicate well on the internet and social networks, it is important to ensure a complete watch allowing you to analyze what your competition is doing, the trends in your market and what people say about you on the web. Here are 2 essential tools to effectively conduct your monitoring:


Feedly is in my opinion the best RSS reader. Feedly allows you to group the RSS feeds of the sites and blogs you want to follow into different categories. Then, you just need to log in to Feedly on a daily basis from a computer or mobile device to consult the latest publications in one place.

Google Alerts is an essential tool for your monitoring. Concretely, Google Alerts allows you to create alerts around the keywords that interest you. You will then receive an email whenever new content is posted about your alerts. You can configure alerts on your activity, the name of your brand, your name or that of your competitors. Use now if you haven’t already!

Free Community Manager tools to organize contests. To win fans and subscribers on social networks, nothing better than to organize quality contests . For this, I offer 3 tools that will allow you to organize relevant contests for your communication strategy on the internet and social networks:

Community Manager Tools

In its free version, SocialShaker allows you to organize contests of all kinds and to monitor their performance. In its free version, SocialShaker allows you to organize a competition for a maximum of 1000 participants. Paid offers then start at € 39 / month. Tool to create a contest on social networks. Fastory is an alternative to SocialShaker. Fastory now offers around 30 game mechanics for social networks. Fastory also allows you to viralize your content by promoting your contests on all of your social networks and can even be added to the Hootsuite tool that we saw in the first part.

One of the most popular contests on Twitter is asking participants to Retweet a specific Tweet and ask them to follow your account. Then comes the moment of the draw. For this crucial step, I recommend the TWrench tool which will allow you to select the number of winners you want, ensuring that they have Retweeted the tweet and have subscribed to your account.

Free tools to measure the relevance of your actions. To communicate well on the internet and social networks, it is important to monitor performance indicators in real time allowing you to ensure that your actions are relevant and to make the necessary changes, if necessary.

For this, you can already rely on all the statistics that social networks make available to you. Then, do not heitate to use the statistics available via the tools described above. To go further, I recommend that you use Google Analytics:

free community manager tools – Google Analytics. Google analytics. Google Analytics is an essential tool for communicating well on the internet and social networks. Google Analytics allows you to analyze an infinite volume of statistics around your website traffic. Google Analytics allows you to know how many people are visiting your website in real time, the most successful pages, the time your visitors spend on your site and much more!

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