Despite all the difficulties it encounters, Twitter remains today a major social network and a relevant tool for Belize WhatsApp Number List on the internet. However, to communicate well on Twitter and take full advantage of it, it is important to follow certain good practices.
Today, Twitter has around 320 million active users. This is certainly much less than the leading social network Facebook which has more than 1.7 billion active users. However, Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users. Thus, 49% of active Twitter users follow brands against an average of 16% of users on other social networks. So how can you take advantage of this phenomenon on Twitter?

To gain visibility and develop your turnover via Twitter, it is important to understand that Twitter is a tool that will allow you to generate more traffic to your website and that it is therefore essential to retain the attention of users to convince them to take action.

To communicate well on Twitter, I suggest 12 good practices that I apply myself to follow on a daily basis, for me and for my clients.

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12 best practices to follow to communicate well on Twitter
Before presenting my best practices to you, I would like to stress the importance of following trends and developments in social networks in general. The following good practices are the result of long reflections, regular analyzes and sustained discussions with Twitter experts whom I will quote regularly in this article.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Concretely, these good practices are not miracle ingredients but simply guidelines to follow and adapt to your activity in order to communicate well on Twitter. Okay, enough of the chatter, here are the best practices to follow to communicate well on Twitter.

Hashtags are used to mark the subjects of your tweet. Hashtags allow you to potentially distribute your tweets to all Twitter users. Without a hashtag, your tweets will simply be visible to your followers. With one or more hashtags, your tweets will be visible to all people following the subjects concerned.

So, in the tweet above, you can notice that I am using 3 hashtags. Suddenly, this tweet is not only visible by my subscribers and the subscribers of people who have retweeted but also by all the people following the Marketing, Content and Content Marketing topics.

To communicate well on Twitter with relevant hashtags, I recommend that you use the Hashtagify tool which will allow you to measure the volume of interaction of your hashtags.


Add an image to your tweet
You saw it in the previous tweet, I also included an image to my tweet. Studies regularly show that adding an image to a tweet increases its engagement rate. In short, with an image, your tweet attracts more attention and is therefore more likely to be retweeted or bookmarked.

I add a nuance here because users tend to put an image at all costs … To communicate well on Twitter, it is important that the image that you include in your tweet brings added value and that it is in direct relation with its subject. In my tweet, the image draws the eye to the title, it’s interesting. However, avoid putting an image that is too secondary that would not necessarily be understood by your audience. If the image is not easily understood, do not.

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Configure your Twitter Cards
use Twitter well – twitter cards
This tip is a bit of a contradiction to the previous one. I have noticed over the course of my use that a certain type of tweet is more engaging than tweets with images. These are tweets that include a Twitter Card.

How To Properly Use Twitter – The Hashtag

Concretely, a Twitter Card is a summary of the page you share, including an image and part of its text content. To communicate well on Twitter using Cards, all you have to do is configure them on your website and validate them using the tool provided by Twitter .

As proof, the tweet above: the Twitter account @GrowthHackFR relayed one of my articles by integrating a Twitter Cards. It generated over 60 retweets and 60 favorites. For my part, I relayed this article several times by integrating an image and I never exceeded twenty interactions. However, I have a higher number of subscribers. The conclusion is therefore obvious.

Add a mention to your tweet
A mention on Twitter is made using an at sign @. In the tweet above, you see GrowthHackFR ​​mentioned @LudoSLN to me. Thus, not only is this tweet visible to all the subscribers of the author account and the accounts that have retweeted the tweet, it is also visible to all my subscribers.

To communicate well on Twitter, it is essential to use the mentions: whether it is to quote a source or to challenge someone. The mention allows you to start a conversation on Twitter and therefore build lasting relationships with users.

Also, accounts mentioned in a tweet tend to retweet it automatically. The mention allows you to gain visibility on Twitter.

Use parentheses (or square brackets!)
how to use twitter – write a good tweet
I don’t often use this trick, but it does work. In addition to the hashtag, parentheses and square brackets are used to underline the subject of a tweet. The parentheses also add a certain sense of privacy or closeness to your tweet that prompts the Twitter user to click on the link to learn more. And don’t forget, communicating well on Twitter is doing everything you can to get your subscribers to visit your website by clicking on your link. This trick is very well mastered by Thibaud Deletraz ( ThibaudDeletraz ) as you can see in the tweet above.

Conduct surveys
how to communicate well on twitter – the survey
This is a tip that I realized the relevance following a discussion with my friend Jonathan CHAN ( ChanPerco ) regularly cited in the top influencers to follow on Twitter. The survey is an incredible lever for communicating well on Twitter since it allows you to interact directly with users and show them that their opinion counts.

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