The majority of companies have understood the importance of social networks in attracting new Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List their loyalty. However, communicating on social networks is an excellent opportunity to retain your customers and make them your best ambassadors. As you know, it is much more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain them. Unfortunately, your head in the handlebars and often forced to return to business to ensure your daily life, you invest your body and soul in prospecting and do not do everything possible to retain your customers. Take a step back and analyze the situation: you will quickly understand that you are making a strategic mistake.

And that it is important to integrate a loyalty part into your communication and prospecting strategy. Communicating well on the internet, a 4-step strategy, not 3! SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. To communicate well on the Internet, it is important to understand that your strategy must integrate the 4 steps presented in the visual above. We are talking about Inbound Marketing. In the field, the application of this Inbound Marketing strategy is often very different. Companies assimilate the first two stages very well, struggle with the third and, out of breath, they abandon the fourth: customer loyalty. However, this fourth step is essential to optimize your returns on investment.

What Do They Need?

And then facilitate your communication strategy on the Internet. Indeed, by retaining your customers, you encourage them to promote you and you therefore gain in efficiency. Ok but how do you do that? Here are 6 steps to follow to retain your customers with social networks. Communicating well on social networks to retain your customers: the 6 steps to follow. Determine the right social networks. It’s a safe bet that you don’t have unlimited means to communicate on social networks. By average, I mean more skills and human resources than budget. One of the mistakes that we often encounter with our clients is wanting to be present everywhere: full of good will, ultra-motivated.


You want to do things in the best possible way and you say that you have to be present on all social networks to be as visible as possible. In theory, your thinking is good except that in practice, you will never have time to put in place the optimal strategy to communicate well on each of your social networks. The first thing to do here is therefore to determine the number of social networks that you can manage effectively and then to select the social networks most suited to your target. To go further: which social networks are suitable for your business? Listen and interact with your audience. The studies all agree on the subject.

How Can Social Media Help To Prospects?

Your customers expect an exchange from you on social networks and especially a response when they ask you. They are even 53% to wait for a response from you within the hour on social networks, this rate climbing to 72% in the event of a complaint…! To communicate well on social networks and retain your customers, you must therefore listen to them and be responsive in case of solicitation. Often, the most reluctant companies to communicate on social media use their fear of negative comments as an argument: if you deal with them quickly and effectively, negative comments on social media will be an opportunity to show your customers that you do everything to satisfy them.

Define an engagement strategy. Too many brands continue to communicate on social networks without any organization: when they have a free moment, they publish excessively and then, in the rush, remain silent for weeks. Let’s be clear, by communicating on social media like this, you will never have a return on your investment. To communicate well on social networks, it is important to publish regularly and publish quality content, with high added value. To build customer loyalty with social networks, it is important to share content that meets their expectations, interests and issues. But that’s not all: also make sure you post this content in the format that best suits them.

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