Social networks occupy a central place in any good communication strategy. Many of you use them in the hopes of Egypt WhatsApp Number List sales. Are you getting the results you want? If not, here are the 21 rules to follow to communicate well on social networks!
First of all, to communicate well on social networks, it is essential to respect a few prerequisites, points to be resolved rather than throwing yourself headlong into the handlebars in inappropriate actions.To communicate well on social networks, it is important to know the target people in great detail!

For this, you will first have to identify all your targets and try to draw up a typical portrait for each of them (we are talking about Persona Marketing) allowing you to define how they use the internet, social networks, and what they are looking for in their content viewing.

To pass this pre-requisite, I offer you a 6-step method to effectively define your Marketing Personas.

The key to success in gaining customers with the Internet and social networks? Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

Prerequisite # 2: choose the right social networks!
To communicate well on social networks, we must already make sure to use the right platforms.

Now that you have analyzed the profile of your targets in great detail, you know very well which social networks they are using.You need to focus your social media communication strategy around these platforms.

Well, maybe not all of them

You still have to take stock of your skills, your resources in terms of time and finances in order to determine the number of social networks that you can manage effectively.To succeed in this step, I suggest you consult this complete study giving you all the keys to choosing your social networks .

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How to communicate well on social networks? Here are the 21 rules to follow
Rule # 1 – Take the time to communicate Communication on social networks takes time and regularity.

Rule # 2 – Add value to your messages – promotional content is not popular on social media.

Rule # 3 – Position yourself as an expert Social networks allow you to demonstrate your expertise by delivering quality content.

Rule # 4 – Don’t open your mouth to say nothing – your targets are inundated with information!


Rule # 5 – Choose quality as with everything, quality is better than quantity.

Rule # 6 – Don’t get drunk avoid repeating the same thing over and over again, innovate!

Rule # 7 – Ban SPAM 80% quality content, 20% promo: that’s the rule.

Rule # 8 – Be yourself don’t copy the competition, your social networks are a reflection of your DNA.

Rule # 9 – Play interactivity which says social network says social! Create and maintain dialogue.

Rule # 10 – Build a long-lasting relationship – it’s not enough to have fans, you have to convert.

Rule # 11 – Win the engagement of your community Use your imagination in facilitation and reward.

Rule # 12 – Be responsive on social networks, everything goes very fast! Adapt and capitalize on the news.

Rule # 13 – Analyze your actions determine indicators allowing you to judge the relevance of your actions.

Main Menue For Content

Rule # 14 – Track your goals to see what social media communication is doing for you.

Rule # 15 – Be visual with the smartphone and the culture of immediacy, images and videos are very popular. A tip here: pay attention to the dimensions of your images for your social networks or the rendering will not be up to your expectations

Rule # 16 – Respond to requests from your community – leaving a fan unanswered is the best way to lose them!

Rule # 17 – Keep Calm – Falling Into Kills! Beware of bad buzz.

Rule # 18 – Be patient Rome was not built in a day … neither is your social media presence!

Rule # 19 – Don’t be too thin – don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach, do what you can.

Rule # 20 – Start a pro blog the pro blog is the best solution for creating content for your social networks.

Rule # 21 – Have fun if you have fun, it will show in your communication!

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