Instagram is essential in B2C. Instagram can also be a relevant lever in B2B. Why integrate Instagram into your B2B Marketing strategy? How to communicate well on Instagram in B2B? Here are the answers to all your questions! To Denmark Email List choose the right platforms. At first glance, Instagram is not a very strategic choice? I used to say 2 things about the choice of social networks in B2B: You shouldn’t have eyes bigger than your stomach! All social networks are relevant if you have a strategy! What must be remembered here is that you should not invest in too many social networks. But that you should not restrain yourself.

If you have imagination and meet user expectations well, you can bet on any social network. Communicating on Instagram in B2B is an opportunity to stand out and modernize your marketing strategy. Instagram has pursued exceptional growth since its creation. Instagram now has more than 1 billion users, including 500 million who log on every day. The potential of Instagram is therefore obvious: your target is necessarily there. Why communicate on Instagram in B2B? I see 5 main reasons: Instagram allows you to communicate visually; Instagram allows you to forge a close relationship with your target; This allows you to stand out from the competition; This allows you to reach your employees and future employees;

Why communicate on Instagram in B2B?

Instagram offers a significantly higher engagement rate than Facebook and Twitter; To reap all of these benefits, it is important to communicate well on Instagram. But how do you communicate well on Instagram in B2B? Here are the 10 best practices to follow. 10 tips for communicating well on Instagram in B2B. If your target is present on Instagram in B2B, it is not for the same reasons as on LinkedIn or Twitter. To communicate well on Instagram, it is above all essential to understanding why your target uses it. On LinkedIn, the user seeks to demonstrate and develop their skills. On Instagram, we are more light and entertaining. The content you communicate on Instagram must imperatively take this context of use into account.


Optimize your Instagram profile. Communicating on Instagram in B2B requires a few small adjustments to your profile. The first thing to do is convert your Instagram profile to a business profile. You will thus have access to various functionalities such as statistics of your publications and insights concerning your followers. You can also integrate additional information such as your hours or your location into your Instagram profile. To optimize your Instagram profile, I recommend that you put your logo in a profile picture and choose an alias (the famous) in line with your other social networks. Do you want to grow your turnover with social networks? Take advantage of our Free Guide!

Understand the context of the use

Clearly define your editorial line. Why do you want to communicate on Instagram? Communicating well on Instagram in B2B requires defining an editorial line that brings value to your target. In B2B, you don’t have to sell on Instagram. You must publish content that meets at least one of the following locations: Now it’s up to you to define your editorial line by identifying the right themes and the right formats (image or video) to meet the expectations of your Personas. Work on an editorial calendar
To communicate well on Instagram, as on all social networks, it is important to work on an editorial calendar. The editorial calendar is your commitment: you know what to publish and when to publish it.

On Instagram, visual creation must be there. The organization is therefore essential and the calendar will allow you to anticipate your needs in terms of photo and video creation. Plus, the calendar will keep you from procrastinating or ending up with blank page syndrome when posting! Use the right hashtags. On Instagram, the success of your posts depends directly on the hashtags you use. The hashtag in communication on Instagram. This is a huge advantage of Instagram: you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people with hashtags even if you don’t have a huge following. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter … However, to take full advantage of this, it is important to use the right hashtags.

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