Startups often see marketing and communication as a luxury they cannot afford. Their budgets are Lebanon WhatsApp Number List numerous. However, it is difficult to know your Start Up and develop its turnover without communicating. But can you really communicate effectively without a budget? With the Internet, yes, it is possible!
Start-ups are on the rise. They are flourishing at high speed. Some have the chance to raise funds quickly and can allocate part of it to their marketing and communication strategy. For Startups who are not so lucky, it is more complicated. At first glance !

If you are here, it is because you are already more or less convinced of the need to communicate in order to publicize your Start Up and develop your activity. For those who are more hesitant, here is a quick overview of the current situation.

Increased competition. The Internet has profoundly changed behavior. Purchasing behavior first: consumers now scrutinize all the information at their disposal before making a decision. It also compares the offers of the different players, making them more easily competitive.

The internet has also revolutionized the way we learn. Social media now play a key role in disseminating and sharing information. These changes have made competition more complex. Consumers are now just one click away from your competitors and it is therefore necessary to show ever more imagination to seduce them and make your S tart Up known.

As you will have understood, to publicize your Start Up and seduce your target audience, you must make yourself visible and this, in your best light.

Why Communicate On The Internet?

This is where communication comes in. Are you convinced that your Start Up holds the idea of ​​the century? I have no doubt about it. But remember that if you’re the only one who knows, you won’t get very far … So how do you make yourself known despite your financial constraints? How to communicate effectively without a budget?

How to promote your Start Up: the prerequisites
To communicate well and make your Start Up known, it is essential to define a precise strategy based around its targets and objectives.

Who are your targets?
The targets of a Start Up can be many and varied. There is naturally the end customer, in B2B and B2C, but also other players such as investors, Business Angels or the press.


To communicate well, it is important to know the behaviors and expectations of your targets inside out : what are their needs, their desires, their problems? From then on, you will be able to think of a perfectly adapted communication strategy.

What are your goals ? Precisely…
As you know, communication is essential to publicize your Start Up. But to reap all the benefits, it is important that you set the precise objectives of your communication.

Setting specific goals for your communication will allow you to track your strategy’s progress, what is working and what is not working, and make adjustments as needed.

As a Start Up, the purpose of your communication will initially be to make yourself known. But that’s the end, not the goal. The objectives here will be, for example, to improve your visibility in search engines or to develop your community on social networks. Be precise ! Inbound service Le Havre Rouen Caen Paris.

Be Noticed, Be Remarkable!

How to promote your start-up without a budget? If the web is at the origin of the complexification of competition, it is also a source of unprecedented opportunities. The Internet indeed offers many free levers to communicate effectively. Here are the main levers to operate to communicate effectively free of charge:

Promote your Start Up by creating content:
Why ?
To develop its brand image and position itself as an expert in its field of activity.
To meet the expectations of its target. Especially if your product / service is innovative, your target is not looking for you, they are not aware of your solution.
To improve your visibility. The more content you have, the more likely you are to be viewed by your target audience.
What tools?
The Company Blog: The company blog allows you to create relevant articles and position yourself as an expert in your field of activity.
Tutorials / Webinars: video is on the rise. In particular, it allows you to present your product / service in detail and to facilitate its use. An innovative product is not always easy to understand and / or use. Video can help.
The White Paper: the white paper is premium content and allows you to deal in detail with a subject in your area of ​​expertise.
Computer graphics: an infographic is an image grouping together a set of data around a theme. It’s very viral content that is very easily shared on social networks. Many free tools like or allow you to easily create your infographic.
Emailing / Newsletter: Emailing and the newsletter allow you to maintain a relationship with your prospects by keeping them informed of your offers and your news. There too, there are free tools – like MailChimp – allowing you to manage your contacts, create and send your Emailings.

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