I am naturally curious. I often tend to say that it is a good fault. In any case, in my professional life, it has always served me well. In the Gambia Email List clients and the discovery phases that go with them, it is better to be too curious than not enough. This curiosity allowed me to constantly improve the approach with my prospects and my clients. Above all, it allowed me Sébastien the salesperson to discuss with Ludo “the marketer” about our respective businesses, our own objectives, our challenges and above all, areas for improvement to be explored. We will come back to that.

From these many discussions was born very quickly an observation: prospects, customers, all the targets towards which we made efforts to attract attention and make appointments, all these people were more and more difficult to reach. This observation mainly emerged from my hundreds of hours of telephone prospecting . The ROI of such an activity is laughable: on average 1% of telephone prospecting leads to an appointment! My first action to develop my profession and become a more efficient salesperson was the implementation of an e-mail tracker. For lack of time and the search for efficiency, I discovered this very nice tool. What a beautiful invention! With the email tracker, I made my days of business prospecting a piece of cake.

Prospecting Well Is A Matter Of Context

I now knew the context of opening the emails I sent to my prospects. He was notified of their openings and the links they clicked on. I just had to dial my prospect’s phone number and get it right. Being able to contact my prospects at the right time, with the right approach, was for me a trigger in my way of prospecting. By having the context of opening my emails, it was easy for me to know when my prospects were thinking about me, my products and were ready to have an effective conversion with me. For me, no turning back is possible. This tool is and will remain my traveling companion for my commercial prospecting. I had just overcome the first difficulty.


And began my transformation into a perfect salesperson. My curiosity and our exchanges with Ludo would do the rest. Inbound Marketing to Become the Perfect Salesperson. For his part, Ludovic created the SLN Web agency in 2013 with the aim of supporting B2B companies in their digital marketing strategy, notably through the Inbound Marketing methodology. At the time of our reflections, in 2015, Ludovic was mainly carrying out actions aimed at generating leads for his clients from their website. Problem: His clients weren’t always able to convert the leads he passed on to them. Ludovic managed to generate leads and I managed to convert them. Our collaboration was then obvious and we decided to jointly launch an Inbound Marketing offer covering the entire sales cycle.

Attract Qualified Traffic

Inbound Marketing, to sign faster and more often. To do this, we thought about how we could bring value to our customers. The best way for a business to be 100% effective in its business development is to speak. Only with prospects who are interested and almost ready to buy. To get to know the degree of maturity of a prospect. I used my email tracking tool, but I was missing a little something. This little something was the upstream part of the Inbound. Marketing methodology of which Ludovic was the expert. Turn that traffic into Leads. By using all the levers of Digital Marketing. SEO, Blogging, Social Networks, Marketing Automation. Ludovic and his marketing expertise could give me as a salesperson all the context I was missing.

Thanks to this Inbound Marketing approach, I now have access to crucial information in my commercial approach. I know the browsing history of a lead. His areas of interest in relation to our products, the agenda of his project. His position, his engagement rate in relation to our messages, in short. All that shopping can hope. This is how Inbound Marketing allowed me to become the perfect salesperson. When I say, perfect salesperson. It’s because I have all the information so that my prospect feels fully understood and supported in their buying journey. Concretely, I don’t convert all my leads into customers, no. But I do everything I can to meet the expectations of the modern buyer. And this is the main point, isn’t it?

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