Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to improve your image on the Internet? As an expert do you want to be considered? You will Philippines WhatsApp Number List account! LinkedIn is with Viadeo THE professional social network to invest. But not just any old way! Here are the steps on how to become a Jedi Master on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a mobile social network: 41% of users visit LinkedIn from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). These numbers reveal the full potential of LinkedIn. Now, young Padawan, you must learn to master the force!

20 tips to become a Jedi Master on LinkedIn
1. Your expertise you will demonstrate

2. With the influencers of your sector of activity you will connect

3. Relationships you will build

4. Recommendations you will get

A complete profile
5. A professional profile picture you will add

6. Keywords specific to your sector of activity you will use

7. Your URL you will personalize

8. Your strengths forward you will put

9. Examples of your successes you will exhibit

10. Your rewards you will describe

A permanent connection
11. Discussion groups you will join

12. The publications of influencers you will comment

Optimized publications
13. to mention users you will adopt

14. In the first person you will speak

15. Visuals you will attach

16. At least 20 updates each month to your profile you will bring

The power of marketing
17. Your own groups you will animate

18. A business page you will create

19. Call-to-action you will integrate

20. On other social media you will share your profile

Some Lessons On Infographic

LinkedIn in numbers
LinkedIn has 300 million active users around the world. They are spread over 200 countries and converse in 20 languages. 187 million users connect at least once a month. In 2020, they will be 500 million.

LinkedIn is evolving at high speed since 2 new users register on the social network every second. At least that is necessary to fulfill its ambition: to reach 3 billion users!

Comments, for more sharing on social networks :
When a person comments, they engage in the article. She is therefore more inclined to share it on social networks. When you respond to comments, you encourage early authors to start over and others to do so. In other words, you increase your chances of being shared on social networks and thus attracting new visitors.


Commentary is therefore a significant lever for acquiring traffic, to be integrated into any good Inbound Marketing strategy. However, to get meaningful results, it is essential to comment effectively.How to effectively integrate comments into your Inbound Marketing strategy?
Be relevant
Comments are generally subject to moderation. If you just comment for a link, it is no more and no less spam! Not only is your comment less likely to be published, it is even less likely to convince readers to click.

Your comment should add value to the article. It must have an objective: to provide additional information, to request one, to stimulate debate or reflection, etc. You must determine this objective before writing your comment.

be the first
It’s a bit like on Google: the first comment is more likely to be read than the last. On most blogs, comments appear according to the date of publication: the oldest appears first. So be responsive!

Quality Over Quantity

To do this, you can use Feedly type RSS feed aggregators: you create a “To comment” group and enter all the RSS feeds from blogs that you think are interesting to include in your comments strategy. You will be instantly informed of new articles and can therefore post the first comment.

Comment under your identity
A relationship is more difficult to establish with a brand or a URL! So comment under your real identity. Readers will bring more credibility to your post, which will guarantee you a higher click-through rate.

Use a Gravatar account
mystery man gravatar”Gravatar ?! What is that ? As the name suggests, it’s your identity on the web: a name, an e-mail address, a website and a photo! Once you have created a Gravatar account, you will display your face on each of your comments. And It is the same argument as before. We prefer to speak to a face rather than to Mystery Man! (photo opposite).

Comment regularly
“Comment once and then go…. »Well that’s no use! A marketing rule says that a person must be exposed to something 7 times before they realize it, remember it and take action! To reap the benefits of comments in your inbound marketing strategy, you will need to regularly comment on the same blogs and to communicate well on the internet and promote your business.

In conclusion,
Comments are too often overlooked. However, they represent a significant source of qualified traffic and even help optimize the conversion rate. Of course, a comment alone doesn’t sell, but it can help!

However, there is no point in commenting hastily, from time to time, when you do not know what to do … To obtain significant impact, comments must be integrated into your Inbound Marketing strategy like any other lever.

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