Why invest in general public marketing actions when there are a very large number of Webmarketing levers to Lebanon Phone Number List prices (SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Newsletter, etc.) and which allow very precise results to be analyzed?

Are customers harder to reach by phone than before? Do they have less time to devote to your hard calls? Worse, they no longer even take calls from their own switchboard?

Now is the time to devote more time to the online presence of your products and services, to make yourself more visible to your ideal customers – your Marketing Personas , to find your customers where they are (LinkedIn, Twitter, their company’s blog, etc.) and to get closer to your marketing department to redefine your common objectives together.

Salespeople recognize that today’s buyers are more independent and often avoid using them altogether. Some seek to transform their role of salesman into that of adviser to better meet the needs of their prospects.

The days when salespeople were knowledge keepers are now over. Your website has become your main marketing medium, whereas your stores once fulfilled this role.

In the medium term, we will experience changes which will consist in selling the brand and offering tailor-made services, and this strongly resembles the role of the salesperson of the future. Your sales force must know how to show its expertise when the time comes to meet the prospect determined to become your customer.

Are you still hesitating to take the plunge to adopt an inbound marketing strategy? Check out the full Hubspot report and read these few lines!

Prospecting Has Gone Digital

Imagine your salespeople who only manage hot contacts who arrived on your site, found the content so interesting that they filled out a contact form. Nourished by your marketing department with value-added content, this prospect arrives hot on your sales representative’s desk.

With Inbound Marketing, salespeople focus on their business… Sell!
The more efficiently your inbound marketing strategy is carried out, the better the results will be. When the prospect has been well supported by the marketing department, the sales part can then take over.

By rolling out the Inbound Marketing approach and establishing an evaluation of prospects, the sales department will only focus on qualified appointments and the most concrete opportunities. Less time wasted, more time to sell.


With Inbound Marketing, salespeople are more relevant in their approach
Inbound Marketing allows you to collect a maximum of relevant information for your salespeople. With inbound marketing, you can determine the number of pages visited by the prospect, these latest social media posts, and the number and location of clicks in a commercial email, for example. Your sales representatives thus have all the keys to calmly convince.

When you identify the problem of your interlocutor through information, preparing and making your phone call becomes child’s play (well almost…)!

To gain notoriety, attract new customers and develop your turnover, your business must be visible on the internet. You must be well referenced on Google and carry out relevant communication actions on your site and social networks. How to do ? Here are 7 essential steps!

Your Salespeople Are More Efficient

This is the current challenge for VSEs / SMEs: how to be more visible on the Internet? Very often, you realize the urgency to develop your visibility on the Internet by typing the name of your company or the strategic keywords of your activity on Google. And there, big disappointment, you are behind all your competitors on Google, even the smallest ones that you do not know.

Let’s be frank, if you are not on the first page on Google and you do not communicate regularly on social networks, you have no chance of being seen by your customers and prospects on the web. So what can be done to be more visible on the Internet?

For your business to be visible on the Internet, you must work on your referencing on search engines and set up communication actions adapted to your targets on your website and social networks. To do this, I offer you an effective method in 7 steps.

Precisely define your target
To communicate well on the internet and be more visible, it is important to know exactly who you are talking to. You must therefore define the typical profiles of your customers in great detail.

In particular, you must think about the problems they encounter, the way in which they obtain information on the web (on which platforms? Via which content formats?) And the keywords they enter to find solutions to your problems. We are talking about Persona Marketing here.

Then you’ll be able to create the right content, at the right time and for the right person.Choose the right keywords
Do you want to be visible on the internet and therefore be well referenced on Google? It is very good. But now, you have to determine which keywords you want to be listed on the first page on Google.

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