Want to be first on Google? Getting your website listed is a major issue for everyone when you want to generate results on the web. But we will have to Central African Republic Email List the first position in natural referencing! First of all, do you know how Google search really works? If so, now let’s take a look at the steps required to hopefully reach # 1 on the search engine! To be first on Google, there are 5 essential steps: Study the behaviors and expectations of your target. Technically optimize your site. Obtain backlinks. Now let’s see how to do this in detail! You must first know your target.

All the websites which are referenced in the first position on Google are designed for their targets. In other words, these websites do not talk about the company but deal with the issues of their targets, the questions they ask themselves. Clearly, they bring added value. 71% of decision-makers conduct a generic search rather than searching for a business on search engines. He does an average of 12 different searches before contacting a business. In other words, the decision-maker uses many keywords which are related to the problems that he encounters and the questions that he is brought to ask himself in reflection of purchase. You must therefore think about the SEO of your website.

Use the right keywords

According to the expectations and needs of the buyer. And not your offers. The digital marketing purchasing journey. Understanding your target’s buying journey is the first step towards ranking number one on Google! Does the online shopping journey speak to you? These are the 3 phases through which your prospects will go through before triggering their act of purchase (awareness, consideration, decision). It is essential to understand this way of consuming information online to build an effective SEO strategy. But this is not yet sufficient. To create content that will respond to the different phases your customers will go through, you first need to know who they are. For this, it is mandatory to work on your personas upstream.


We then create a persona file integrating all the information useful for the implementation of the marketing strategy. The goal is to really understand it in order to reach it where it is, the way it wants to be helped while responding to its problems. Working on your marketing personas is not done internally with 4 people in 1h30 in a meeting room. It is rigorous work that requires a precise methodology to be effective. To find out more: How to define your marketing persona? You must use the right keywords. Being first on Google is good. But the challenge is above all to be first on Google for the requests typed by your target.

Write optimized content for the web

Remember that your prospects don’t necessarily use your jargon. If they are in the awareness phase, they are still in discovery and may not have mastered the right terms in your industry. This is even more true when you are working in a niche market or in a very technical field. Don’t use keywords that speak to you, but think about the ones your prospects are likely to type. You will get this valuable information through various means. Do not think about positioning yourself on ultra-broad keywords either. Internet users type queries consisting of 4 words or more. You will already have a lot more trouble listing your websites because of the strong competition.

On the other hand, the traffic you generate may not be qualified enough. It is better to generate 10 very qualified visitors than 1000 who arrived by chance and are absolutely not interesting contacts for you. To find out more: How to choose the right keywords? You need to optimize your content for the web. As we saw above, the competition is stiff to be first on Google. While the buyer expects you to bring them added value, answer their questions and help them solve their problems, writing quality web content is the key to good SEO for your business. website. Small hint: the pages that are referenced at rank 1 on Google have an average of nearly 2000 words.

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