Cover short articles at the best price: we now favor long articles (250 words to 150 words previously), of Tunisia WhatsApp Number List 2 targets of a website: customers and search engines. Attracting the search engine alone is of relatively limited use if the content does not engage the end customer …

Overoptimize your content: there is a great temptation to include all the possible keywords and repeat them as many times as possible. In their growing wisdom, search engines almost immediately penalize this kind of practice.

Neglecting the structure of the content: it is very important to take care of the CSS, the weight distribution of the text compared to the HTML code, to distinguish the titles from the sub-titles and the paragraphs, to properly link its internal pages, and to focus on getting in shape with the use of fat and chips.

Wanting to look too pretty: sometimes the best is the enemy of the good and doing too much can scare customers away. It has often been observed that the most effective landing pages are the simplest, the most sophisticated being likened to advertising.

Develop its content internally: with interns for example… Given the volumes involved, the task is not very realistic. Also avoid offshore, which most often condemns paying twice for its content, not to mention the harm that it may have caused to its listing in the meantime … With the internet, VSEs / SMEs no longer have borders and can also go international. How can we communicate effectively outside our borders? We can indeed go international quite quickly with the Internet.

Translation Process To Sem Campaigns

If I take the example of a dematerialized player like TextMaster, which has no goods to ship and therefore spares the international logistical constraints, it remains to make itself known internationally and process its orders at a lower cost. . Several tracks:

Focus on international SEO very early on. This means adapting its content to the target market. Several pitfalls to avoid on this subject: The first, the identification of key words which are most often not the literal translation of the original key words. It is important to have your keywords translated in all their possible variations to identify the most searched keywords, and therefore the most popular in the target language.


The second, the translation and adaptation of the content to the target market.Absolutely ban machine translations which are only effective for extremely verticalized content enriched by translation memory requirements, all under human supervision. Otherwise, you expose yourself to both search engines for duplicated content and your visitors who are not fooled by poor translation. Finally, local content needs to be supported by local backlinks and therefore requires a bit of public relation on the spot.

Anticipate and anticipate that international development rhymes with customer service and international support. Failing to hire around fifteen native speakers of each language, give them the tools to intervene in the language of their client. I am thinking in particular of our e-mail translation service which allows employees to have tickets or e-mails received very quickly translated by sending a simple e-mail.

The web professions – Community Manager, Web Writer, Webmarketer – are still new. How do you see the evolution of these professions with regard to the new challenge of the internationalization of content?

Not To Waste Your Budget Unnecessarily

It’s a real question as these professions are so localized, particularly for web editors. A good web editor can only write quality content in their native language. It is therefore impossible for him to cover the 5 target countries that you dream of conquering for example.

On the other hand, it is possible to translate your writings and have them proofread by a local writer to ensure the most natural content possible: this is called transcreation. It is very effective but more expensive. Another option is to use a pool of native writers, but you will need multilingual in-house project managers, which is not within everyone’s reach.

The problem arises differently for the community manager who can be equipped to manage the international, by providing the translation of his tweets, his responses or his status (we can use in particular the translation tool by email from TextMaster or our API ). It’s a good way to start, even if in the long term a native community manager is obviously the best option, if only for his knowledge of the local culture and communication media.

Content internationalization – TextMasterAbout TextMaster, TextMaster is a marketplace for content. It brings together web editors and clients looking for optimized content. TextMaster is 50 million words written on its platform since its creation in 2011.

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