The way you buy in B2B has profoundly, it is vital to review the way you sell. For this, it is essential to fully Vietnam Email List which directly impacts the sales profession. How to prospect well in the age of the modern buyer? Here is the last issue of our Podcast in which we discuss the evolving behaviors and expectations of the B2B buyer. In this podcast, we also discuss the impact of these changes on the sales profession and some tips to modernize your sales prospecting strategy. Statistics that shudder the salesperson. The B2B buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his buying thinking alone.

This is the major consequence of the Internet and social networks. The buyer has at his disposal all the information he needs to carry out his purchase reflection on his own, at his own pace. You have to adapt by exploiting new strategies and tools like Inbound Marketing or Marketing Automation. Suddenly, the buyer no longer agrees to contact a salesperson before having a more or less precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. 59% of B2B buyers prefer to do without contact with a sales representative
If you are a salesperson or manage salespeople, you’ve inevitably noticed that B2B decision-makers are increasingly difficult to reach.

The Impact Of The Modern Buyer

This trend will not naturally get better, since, with the new services linked to artificial intelligence, the famous chatbots, and other new technologies, B2B decision-makers will always be more autonomous. 90% of B2B decision-makers never answer a sales prospecting call. This is the coup de grace. This statistic alone explains why salespeople are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with new prospects. It also underlines on its own the importance of modernizing your B2B sales prospecting strategy. Traditional prospecting levers are outdated. In the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, phoning, door-to-door, and trade shows was very effective since it was the only source of information for the B2B buyer.


From now on, the buyer can inform himself about his problem. Identify and compare the solutions available to him. By going on the Internet. The buyer no longer expects you to sell them your offers, they know at least as much as you about them and maybe even more than you about your market. The buyer demands to carry out his buying thinking at his own pace. He expects you to make it easy for him, to guide him in his buying thinking. For this, you will understand, you must do everything on the Internet to attract the attention of B2B decision-makers and provide them with answers to the questions they are asking.

Do You Prefer To Listen to Rather Than Read?

This is how you will bring your prospects to maturity and they will then agree to talk to you in person. To attract the modern buyer, you have to attract them to the Internet. The B2B buying journey is a 3-step journey: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. First, the modern buyer realizes that he is encountering a problem and seeks to understand whether he must solve it or if he can deal with it. Then, he validated the fact that it was essential to solve his problem and search for relevant solutions. This is the Consideration phase. To conclude, he has compared all the solutions available to him and chooses.

The one that seems most relevant to him. He seeks to validate that his choice is the best. It is only during this Decision phase that the B2B buyer agrees to get in touch with a salesperson. Your customers do not ask the same questions and do not have the same expectations depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. To attract the modern shopper to the Internet, rather than contacting them by phone and failing you, you need to create content on your website that answers each of their questions. Thus, you allow him to lead his purchasing reflection at his own pace, you bring him to maturity.

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