Internet and social media have revolutionized the marketing and communication professions. Press relations are Malaysia WhatsApp Number List changes. Today we are talking about RP 2.0. So what are the changes? How do agencies and press officers meet the challenge of digital transformation? What are the differences between the press officer 2.0 and the community manager? Clearly, what is the future of press relations?

Social media have revolutionized the codes of marketing and communication. Press relations are no exception and are hit hard by the digital revolution.

To remain competitive, press agencies have had to adapt and rapidly develop their professions. Press relations 2.0 have emerged to better understand the changes brought about by the advent of social media.

This is the main revolution generated by social media in press relations: influencer is no longer synonymous with journalist! Now, influencers are also bloggers or key members of a social network. They have won the loyalty of their own community and sometimes have an audience comparable to, or even greater than, certain traditional media.

With social media, press files have therefore taken on a whole new dimension and have grown, thus making the mission of press officers more complex.

How Has Social Media Revolutionized Press Relations?

Real-time communication. Until now, the tools used in traditional press relations made it possible to communicate key information with precision, but always before or after the battle.

Whether for a product launch, a fundraiser or a conference (and to simplify the process!), You send your invitation and / or press release and / or press kit before or after the event.

Today , social media offer you the possibility of delivering your information in real time. Your target can thus follow your news live and relay it instantly.


Multichannel communication. Social media are as numerous as they are relevant: from blogs to forums, from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to Pinterest… They offer agencies and press officers just as many opportunities to reach their target.

Until then, the press attaché would mainly use two levers to contact a journalist: e-mail and / or telephone. Now, the 2.0 press officer can use all the social media at his disposal by adapting his content: a live tweet, a Facebook post, a blog post, an infographic …You can also use social media to relaunch your influencers other than by phone (via DM for example).

The Appearance Of New Influencers

Engaging content. Disseminating key information on social media allows the press officer to engage his target. The target can share information, comment on it or even directly create their own content.

On the internet, it is estimated that 90% of people are content to consume information, that 9% share and comment and a small percentage create content.

Press Relations and Social Media. The press officer 2.0 vs the community manager
Social media are at the origin of new professions. The community manager is one of them. The mission of the community manager is to create, manage and develop a community on social media with the objective of improving visibility and optimizing the company’s brand image.

We have seen previously that the press secretary should now also integrate the management of social media into his fields of action. Isn’t the 2.0 press attaché just an evolution of the traditional profession towards that of community manager?

AP 2.0 and CM: the commonalities and the differences.What is the border between press relations and community management? This question, many professionals are asking. Several press officers and community managers from the Lyon region, accompanied by more than 50 communicators, recently met to discuss it.

The results of this round table led to the creation of an infographic by the company Vocus Cision that you can find at the end of this post and on which I will rely to analyze the two professions.

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