How many times have I heard that my blog posts are too long and no one will read them? Hundreds… Yet the Canada Phone Number List Database its performance. Do you doubt it? Here is the proof by. Let’s be frank: on the Internet, we are inundated with content and our attention is always reduced. In France, we spend an average of 1h20 each day on social networks scrolling through our news feed and scanning the few publications that interest us. Another important point: in France, 40% spent on the Internet from a mobile device. We could therefore think that Internet users, your prospects in mind.

Prefer short articles and that they only allocate a few seconds to reading them. So why write long blog posts you say to me? Studies keep coming and going to prove that this assumption about the ideal size of a blog post is wrong. In fact, the longer a blog post, the better it performs. When a person asks me why I insist on writing such long and documented blog posts since no one will read them in their entirety, I talk to them about SEO. To be honest, I know very well that the majority of you will not read this article in its entirety. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

The Longer The Better!

That’s not my goal: my goal is to attract your attention, provide a quality answer to your question and ensure that our story doesn’t end there. To achieve this goal, I must imperatively be visible on the Internet and this requires a good positioning in the search engines . And when we consult the studies, we realize that the web pages positioned on the first page on Google are long… Very long. How many words to be well referenced – blog article. According to this study by Backlinko , we find that the pages that are referenced in 1 st position on Google account on average 1950 words. On average, the pages referenced in the first 10 results on Google contain 1,890 words.


To be visible on the Internet and attract more visitors, it is important to be successful on social networks. And here too, we notice that the longer it is, the better it is. Content marketing – what is the ideal size for blog post. In this study carried out by MOZ , we notice that the size of the most shared blog posts is between 3,000 and 10,000 words . How many blog post words for social media shares. If we correlate the size of a blog post and the number of shares on social networks, we find that articles between 1000 and 2000 words represent the best “quality / price” ratio. It is ultimately the continuity of the two previous points:

A Long Blog Post Ranks Better

The longer a blog article, the better it is referenced and the more it is shared on social networks. If you have done the job well and your article is perfectly targeted, you will naturally attract more qualified visitors to your website. Ultimately, your blog post will have a better conversion rate and allow you to generate more leads. Studies show that a longer blog post generates an average of 30-40% more conversions . Define a theme dear to your target. The longer it is, the better it is, yes, but only if your article is interesting. Filling a blog post with gusto will be of no interest to your target audience. At best, you will be successful in attracting visitors.

To your website but they will come away as quickly as they came. This is not your goal, is it? To generate leads with a blog article , you must deal with the issues that your target encounter and the questions they ask themselves throughout their buying thinking. To help you out here, I’ve listed 18 tips and tricks for creating content that attracts customers. Treat the subject in depth. A blog post that generates leads and a selfless post. Clearly, you are doing everything you can to solve your target’s problem or answer their questions in detail. By treating the subject in depth, you will set yourself apart from other blogs which simply sweep it up to make mass.

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