To communicate well on social networks in B2B, the number of social networks is crucial: do you have to Timor Leste Email List to be efficient? How many social networks can be enough to generate leads and customers? To communicate well in B2B, you have to bring value. Communicating well on social networks is above all about bringing value to your target audience. Your target uses social networks in their B2B buying thinking. The B2B decision-maker goes to both to find out about a company and to find answers to the questions they ask themselves in their purchasing journey. Very regularly, I meet B2B companies which have created accounts on all social networks.

But which no longer feed them for a long time. It is in fact penalizing for your image. When I lead a training session around social networks or when we lead an Inbound Marketing Workshop with our clients, the participants are so enthusiastic that they feel like they are growing wings. Motivated, doped with the sensation that the discovery of new methods gives them, they create in the wake of social network accounts everywhere. The problem, the enthusiasm does not last. Never. To communicate well on social networks, it is important to limit yourself to the most relevant to your B2B business. So how do you define how many social networks you can manage in B2B?

It is essential here not to have the eyes bigger than the stomach

Do you want to gain more customers with social networks? Download our Free Guide! To determine the number of that you can manage effectively, it is essential to take stock of your resources: your human … and financial resources! Your human resources. By human resources, I mean 3 things: people, their skills, and the time they can allocate to managing. How many people can manage your communication on social networks? What are their skills? Do they master all social networks? Some only? Any? How much time can they allocate to communication on social networks? Several days a week? A few hours? A few minutes? Based on the answers to all of these questions.


You will be able to determine how many you can operate effectively. Until a few years ago, communicating on in B2B did not require financial resources. Today, between algorithm updates and the competition which has clearly increased, it is becoming very difficult to build a significant community without spending 1 euro on a B2B social network. Very often, you will have to invest in the organization of contests or even conduct advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Twitter Ads. If you don’t have a budget to allocate to your communication on social networks. I strongly recommend that you invest in only one and mobilize all your strength there.

How important it is!

How many social networks are in B2B? It also depends on your overall strategy. Another important point for communicating well on social networks in B2B: it is essential to integrate them into a global Digital Marketing strategy. Used alone, B2B social networks will not allow you to generate leads and a significant ROI. For our agency and for our clients, we systematically integrate social networks into a complete B2B Inbound Marketing strategy. The Inbound Marketing strategy is important to communicate well on social networks in B2B because it allows creating quality content that will feed them. As a result, the number of that you can manage may vary depending on the time it will take to implement this strategy as well.

To create the perfect sales prospecting email, it is essential to monitor the performance of your mailings. Are your emails open? What are the topics that work best? The best times to send your emails? There are several performance indicators here that can guide you. Request the help of the Marketing department here too! Are you looking for a typical business prospecting email? I will disappoint you. In my opinion, the typical sales prospecting email does not exist for the reasons you have seen above. As we have seen, to create an effective prospecting email, you have to send the right message at the right time. This message must be personalized and contextualized according to the expectations and issues of your prospects.

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