Suddenly, salespeople fail to convert the leads generated by marketing and this is where tensions Tunisia Email List blaming each other. Lead Nurturing is therefore a fundamental element for your B2B lead generation strategy since it will allow you to mature the 73% of immature leads that you generate. Marketing Automation, an Opportunity for Your Lead Generation. If you’re still with me and read this entire guide to B2B lead generation, you’re probably thinking you’ve got your work cut out for you? It is quite natural and it is ultimately not wrong! The internet doesn’t work a miracle: generating leads takes regular effort and patience. However, a Marketing Automation tool will allow you to automate tasks with lower added value to devote them to the creation and promotion of your content.

Marketing Automation software allows you to identify the best leads, measure their level of qualification and maturity, feed their purchase thinking through personalized and contextualized emails, all automatically. Marketing Automation is essential for scaler – industrialize – your lead generation strategy. You can of course take action without this type of software, but you will quickly run into limits that will prevent you from optimizing your actions and measuring your return on investment. Why? As you have seen, to generate leads on the Internet in B2B, you must use all the Web Marketing levers at your disposal: you multiply the platforms and tools, also increasing the risks of missing leads and making creation more complex. of your reports.

Take stock of your resources

Be careful, however: to communicate well on Facebook in B2B, it is important to respect the expectations of the buyer and the context in which he uses this social network. The B2B decision-maker goes to Facebook to have fun, to consult lighter content than on LinkedIn and Twitter. This should be taken into account in your social media communication strategy. Which social networks to choose in B2B? The challengers. The 3 social networks presented above are the social networks that we use most often with our customers. These are also the social networks that we favor for our agency. However, we like the idea that communicating well on social networks. Doesn’t make sense. To gain customers with your emails.


How to scale a startup. The challenges to be taken up to generate growth in this phase: Identify new markets or segments to conquer; Implement a Marketing strategy to accelerate your growth; Use data to improve UX, acquire new users and retain them; Recruit quickly and well; Invest in SaaS tools to improve performance and productivity; Expansion, your start-up to conquer the world! Your start-up is now a scale-up. Your foundations are solid, your offer appeals to the market and your marketing strategy has been proven. In short, you are now mature enough to conquer new markets, generally internationally. The main challenge here is to identify high potential markets and adapt your offer to their characteristics.

Your financial resources

This is a crucial issue because your failure in a market can directly stop the growth of your start-up. Here you will encounter technological, cultural, and legislative barriers. To successfully invest in new markets, it is essential to be able to rely on a Marketing tool, think for the international. At the time of expansion, you achieve your third round of funding: the raising of funds in Series B, the amounts of which often exceed 5 million euros. How to invest in an international market – startup. The challenges to be taken up to generate growth in this phase: Identify high potential markets; Adapt your offer and your marketing strategy to the characteristics of new markets; Industrialize and automate your marketing strategy;

Strengthen your sales team; Do you want to accelerate the growth of your start-up? Think about Marketing Automation: Checklist – How to create an effective emailing. How we helped this start-up generate more growth in its early stage: We regularly support Startups to help them meet the challenges that arise after each fundraiser. We also help Startups to set up an optimal Marketing and sales strategy to prepare a fundraiser, during the seed phase. Here is how we helped the Start-up 1,2,3 Crèche! Via our Inbound Workshop. According to the testimony of Astrid, its founder! You must prioritize quality over quantity. Think about added value. To carry out all your actions under the same interface and is not a luxury!

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