Blog posts are great levers for generating B2B leads. Do you write blog posts yourself but don’t see a return on investment? Do you Sweden Consumer Email List month to generate leads? Every week ? Let’s talk about it. The blog post is a great lever to attract visitors to your website and convert them into qualified leads. It is the central element of any good Inbound Marketing strategy. Doesn’t that work with you? You are not the only one ! I often see B2B companies who wrote blog posts for too short a time and who, seeing no convincing results, got bored and stopped everything. When I look at their website.

I see 4 or 5 articles published in the last 2 years and then nothing. Needless to say, this is clearly not enough to generate B2B leads. This is an extreme case, but the number of articles you publish each month has a significant impact on the number of leads you generate. How many blog posts should you post then? Let’s take a look at a Hubspot study first . Minimum 11 blog posts per month to generate Leads? Truly ? Hubspot analyzed the publication frequencies and performance of these 13,500 customers to determine the impact of the number of articles published each month on the number of visitors and the number of leads generated.

How many blog articles to write in B2B?

Here, we notice that in B2B, the traffic of a website really increases only from 11 blog articles published per month . Below one article per week, there is no effect on the number of visitors generated. How many blog posts to publish in B2B to generate leads? Regarding the number of leads generated, we notice the same trend. B2B companies that write more than 11 blog posts per month see their number of leads generated explode. However, we note that writing between 6 and 10 blog articles per month in B2B can double the number of leads generated . Do you find that huge? Let’s get into the details. New call-to-action. How many blog articles to publish in B2B? 2 per Persona per week.


I have been writing blog articles since 2000. First for leisure, then to develop my blog around Digital Marketing and since the end of the 2000s in B2B. I realized that to generate leads in B2B, you had to respect a basic rule: publish 2 blog articles per week and per Persona. You don’t know what a Persona is, I’ll explain everything to you here. In other words, the more Personas you target in your Inbound Marketing strategy, the more blog posts you will need to write to generate qualified leads. By adopting this reasoning, you will find that you cannot manage more than 3 Personas at the same time . frequency of publication in B2B, does it really matter?

There is an important word here

Yes and no. Ideally yes: the more you write quality blog articles , the better you are referenced in search engines, the more you are shared on social networks, the more visitors you have on your website and therefore, the more leads you generate. . The word QUALITY. In practice, the frequency of posting is worth less than the quality of your blog posts. I often work with B2B companies that manage to generate enough leads to reach their goals by only posting 2 blog posts per month. Quantity is important, but it should not be achieved at the expense of quality. How many blog posts should you post? That depends on you ! What resources do you have?

Deciding to write 2-3 blog posts per week is easy. Keeping the resolution is much less. It is essential to take stock of your resources in order to determine the number of blog posts you should publish. Ask yourself the question: Do you have the time to write 2, 4 or 6 blog posts per week? Can collaborators support you? Do you have the budget to outsource all or part of your content creation? Rather than wondering how many blog posts you should ideally post to generate B2B leads, start there. How are you positioned compared to the competition? If you are faced with competitors who write dozens of blog posts each month to generate leads.

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