Getting your website listed on Google takes time. All the experts will tell you. The problem, time, as a Iraq Email List you don’t have. So how long does it take to rank a website well on Google? Here is the answer. Let’s be clear. If you come across an agency or a website SEO “expert” who guarantees you results in the coming weeks, run away! I know I have lost clients in the past because of my honesty. When a company contacts me for a website SEO need and tells me it’s urgent – you know the famous “it’s for yesterday!” » Sic – I immediately dot the i’s. I’d rather miss an opportunity than find myself with a disappointed customer.

So how long does it take to rank a website well on Google? The answer is… It depends! To properly reference your website, count 12 months minimum. This is for my feedback on my experience. We will then see what the studies say about it. Getting your website indexed takes time and it varies depending on the competition and the volume of actions you can take. What I notice in my clients is that SEO generates more visitors after 4 months However, to reference the key pages of a website on the first page, I have seen that it takes at least 12 months, especially in B2B. To properly rank your website on the first Google page, count 3 years!

And studies prove me right

The average age of websites is referenced on the first page on google. As you can see in the graph above, 59% of the pages that rank on the first page on Google were published at least 3 years ago. Only 17% of the pages referenced in the top 10 of Google results were created in the last 12 months. Number of days to be well referenced on Google. To go further, the graph above shows you the average age of the pages referenced in the top 10 of Google results according to their position. We see that the web pages that are referenced first in Google results have an average of 950 days.


Getting your website listed properly is therefore a matter of patience and there is no time to waste! Do you need help getting your website indexed? Discover our online coaching offer: Online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes website. To get your website indexed faster, think long tail. In France, you should know that a search on Google includes an average of 4 words. To properly rank your website, you should not, therefore, optimize it around a single word but rather key “expressions”. That’s a long tail: a precise expression containing several words. For example: “black leather shoe size 44”. The long tail has a double advantage: first, ranking your website well around the long tail is much less competitive.

To rank your website well, think global

In our previous example, it is much less difficult to reference a website in 1 st on Google around the term “black leather shoe size 44” rather than the keyword “shoes”. Another advantage, referencing your website around long-tail expression will allow you to generate more qualified and more mature leads. From the person who types “shoe” on Google to the person who types “black leather shoe size 44”, which is closest to an act of purchase? The second, of course. To conclude, it is important to integrate the SEO of your website into a global strategy. I am contacted every day by companies who want to better reference their website. Their final goal is clear.

To generate more leads and gain more customers to ultimately develop their turnover. With this in mind, SEO alone is not enough. SEO allows you to attract more visitors to your website. Transforming your blog articles into slides presentations are very interesting. Before having had a more or less precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. Like SoundCloud or iTunes. Since you can then reuse this presentation to convert your article into video and live video for social networks. To promote your slides presentation, you can upload it to your website and to specialized sites like SlideShare. Would you like to gain more Customers with your Blog Posts? Download our Guide to Lead Generation.

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