At this point in the article, are you telling yourself that you have come looking for tips to get more links to your Austria WhatsApp Number List what not to do? Sure… But it is important to understand how Google and the search engines work to avoid penalties that could be fatal to you.

Submit quality content!
There is no a miraculous recipe ! If you want sites and blogs to post links to your website, it’s important to provide content that is worth sharing. Remember, a link equals a recommendation.

So what is quality content? Quality content is content that has at least one of these vocations: solving, educating, informing, entertaining.

Let’s imagine that you are a window seller: there is very little chance that a site will naturally publish a link to one of your product sheets. He will prefer to quote an excerpt from a tutorial or from an article presenting the tips for choosing windows for a single-family house.

Are you wondering what content you are going to be able to create for your business? Here are some tips for posting relevant content !

To get links to your website and improve your search engine rankings, it is important to give sites an opportunity to link to your website. In other words, you must have a counterpart to offer. Guest Blogging goes in this direction.

Guest Blogging is guest article writing. Concretely, Guest Blogging consists of writing an article that you will publish on a website other than yours. Guest Blogging therefore has the advantage of allowing you to obtain links to your website but also to benefit from the audience of the site on which you publish your content.

Now On To What You Came For!

Communicate on social networks!
Even if the direct impact of social networks on a website’s SEO has yet to be proven, they are essential to get links to your website. First, because social networks will undoubtedly be the first sites on which you will obtain links since it is you who will publish them.

Then because social networks will allow you to generate more traffic to your website. And there it is mathematics! The more traffic you have, the more likely you are to get links to your website. The more your site will be seen, the more it will be recommended (well, that depends directly on tip 1!).

Leave comments on relevant blogs!
It is not a question here of commenting for the sake of commenting! It is important to comment strategically. In other words, for comments to allow you to attract traffic to your website and therefore get more links, your comments must add value to the article.


To comment effectively, select a shortlist of blogs relevant to your field of activity and only comment on articles where you can add value.

To get more links to your website thanks to comments, I recommend that you read this article where I present the procedure for commenting effectively .

Tip # 5 – Register in directories (Warning!)!
This trick should be practiced with great care! In the past, it was enough to register on all the directories possible and imaginable to improve its referencing. Today, Google taking into account the relevance of the sites on which you have links to position your site, it is important to limit yourself to quality directories!

Do Guest-blogging!

Concretely, it is a question here of identifying the directories – and even the sites of press releases – of quality and to register there by putting a link towards your Internet site. It is important to take care of your description and to ensure that it is unique in each directory. Indeed, Google does not appreciate the copy / paste.

Another precaution to take, avoid registering on directories that ask you to put a link back on your website. This could be considered to be the abusive exchange of links by Google and the search engines. Do you need help improving your SEO? Contact me !

There are dozens of types of content for your communication strategy. However, not all of them are suitable for the message you want to convey. So how do you choose the right content for maximum results? Everything happens in the brains of your customers!

“I clearly preferred the book to the film! – Who has never uttered this sentence? But why ? Is it the writer’s pen that seduced you or the space left to your imagination?

In fact, the reason is quite simple: a format is more or less suited to the message we want to convey. It will be easier to convey the beauty of a landscape through a photo than in a text. In marketing, it’s the same!

The brain interprets a video 60,000 times faster than a text!
Viewing a video does not require active participation on your part. Thus, the brain interprets a video message much faster than a text message. The video is therefore relevant content to establish an emotional connection with your target via in particular the tone used, the music or the body language.

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