Attracting visitors to your website is a good thing. But if they come away from the way they came, you Guatemala Email List investment. The challenge is therefore not only to attract visitors but also to hold their attention and convince them to become customers. How? ‘Or’ What? Here is the procedure in 4 steps. This is the story of a marketer who arrives in a meeting proud to have increased the number of visitors to his website by 30%. His manager looks at him enthusiastically, waiting for the next step. Unfortunately, there is no follow-up. The marketer “just” attracted more visitors than the previous month. The salespeople look at him and say: “Ok, your thing is cool, but what do we get?

This story is the story of thousands of marketers. I included at the beginning of my career. Attracting visitors to your website is a good point but it does not systematically generate an increase in turnover. For your Digital Marketing strategy to be effective, you must do everything possible to convert your website visitors into customers. Would you like to be accompanied? Discover our Strategic and Operational Support and our Digital Marketing Training! Why should your website become your best marketer? Having a showcase website is no longer useful. Truly. However, the majority of companies are satisfied with it. Usually for lack of knowledge and lack of time. This article is an adaptation of a digital marketing workshop that we led a few days ago.

Convert your visitors into customers in 4 steps

Before starting, we asked the participants who were updating their website and who only had a showcase website. The answer was clear: 90% of companies had a showcase site. And that reflects the truth on the ground. However, the competition is so fierce and the buyer so demanding and volatile that you must do everything possible to make your website a real customer machine. For that, you must meet the expectations of the modern buyer. This is the only way to convert your website visitors into customers. The buyer isn’t looking for you on the internet, they’re looking for answers. While 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call, 61% of them start their purchase thinking on a search engine.


Referencing your website well in B2B is essential These decision-makers enter an average of 12 searches on Google before making contact with a brand. Their buying thinking is therefore long and complex. The buyer does not use the Internet to search for a product or service. He uses the Internet to understand and solve a problem. The buyer doesn’t expect you to sell your offers, they demand that you help them. To convert your website visitors into customers, you need to HELP THEM! Understand the buying journey to convert your visitors into customers. To do this, it is essential to understand your purchasing journey: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing.

And for good reason

The buyer’s journey follows a 3-step process. First, he becomes aware of his problem and seeks to understand it. Then, he identifies and compares all the solutions available to him. Finally, he chooses the solution that he thinks is the best and seeks to validate that he is making the right choice before buying. Awareness. Consideration. Decision. You can easily imagine that the buyer does not encounter the same problems and does not ask the same questions depending on whether they are at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of their buying journey. To attract qualified visitors to your website and convert them into customers, you must therefore offer content on your website that covers the entire purchasing journey.

New call-to-action. Inbound Marketing: 4 steps to convert your visitors into loyal customers. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency our method in 4 steps The Inbound Marketing strategy is the strategy of attracting more qualified visitors to your website to convert them into leads and then into loyal customers. The Inbound Marketing strategy takes place in 4 stages: attract, convert, conclude, retain. Step 1Attract Qualified Visitors. It all starts with defining your Personas. The first thing to do to convert your website visitors into customers is to attract as many qualified visitors as possible. Clearly, visitors to your website must match the typical profile of your ideal prospect. For this, you must work together with your sales department in order to define very precisely who is your ideal prospect.

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