The way your customers buy has changed. Have you changed the way you sell? With the Internet and Social Guinea Email List and wishes, as much as possible, to be able to do without contact with a salesperson. You have to adapt! Do your salespeople still spend all of their time making cold calls to find prospects? Do they still go door to door? Do you still spend a large chunk of your marketing budget on trade shows or buying contact databases that you bombard with sales emails? If so, you inevitably found that those Old School levers were not responding as well as they used to.

Chances are, you’ll even be working 10 times harder in the hope of getting the results that were your business’s heyday a few years ago. Rather than being obstinate, what if you reconsider the way you sell? Why modernize your marketing and sales strategy? Phoning, door-to-door, mass mailing, and trade shows have allowed you to generate the majority of your sales for years. So I understand that you are reluctant to review your marketing and sales methods. Yet you have no choice. The economic health of your business is at stake in the more or less short term. The buyer requires you to thoroughly review the way you sell. With the Internet and social networks.

The Buyer Has All The Information They Need

Just a click away to learn about your offers. You can no longer just promote your offers to him because The buyer knows as much as you do about what’s happening in the market. The buyer prefers to seek information when he needs it rather than having it imposed on him. If you do not synchronize your marketing and sales strategy with the new behaviors of the online shopper, you will quickly lose your advantage over the competition and will inevitably see your turnover stagnate and then decline. Do you want to modernize your marketing and sales strategy? Download our guide to do it successfully in 4 steps! 5 steps to adapt to new purchasing behavior in B2B.


Stop selling, guide! Do you want to adapt to new purchasing behavior in B2B? Stop selling! As we have seen previously, the buyer has at his disposal all the information he needs to carry out his purchase reflection on his own. Promoting your offers to him is irrelevant. The buyer expects something else from you. The buyer wants you to guide them in their purchase thinking. Buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. Clearly, the buyer wants you to answer all the questions he asks himself throughout the purchasing journey: from becoming aware of his problem to his decision-making, including identification and analysis of solutions. You must therefore adapt your marketing and sales strategy in this direction.

Those Of Your Competitors And Your Market In General

And that inevitably requires a perfect knowledge of your target and the next step: content creation. Create web content. The buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchase thinking. Where? Mostly on the Internet. You must therefore put in place a marketing and sales strategy that will allow you to attract the attention of the buyer throughout his thinking. How to do it? The buyer has questions. To find answers, he either goes to a search engine – Google not to name it – or to social networks. To attract the attention of the buyer, you must therefore publish quality content that will be well referenced in search engines and shared on social networks.

Personalize and contextualize your business approaches. If there is one thing that the buyer can no longer stand, it is this: receiving communications that are not personalized and that do not perfectly correspond to their context. Whether it’s on your website, blog, email, or phone, you need to do everything you can to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Clearly, you must use all the information you have at your disposal so that the buyer can fully identify with your content . When he visits your website, reads one of your emails, or answers your call, he must feel that you know him perfectly. And that you know how to help him solve his problem and achieve his goals.

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