However, communication on social networks will allow you in the medium / long term to indirectly develop your turnover. Someone Venezuela Phone Number List seen one of your posts will walk past your store in 6 months, remember that moment, and buy from you. This case is difficult to quantify.

It is therefore important to measure the gain in visibility and notoriety that social networks bring to you. For this, you must follow specific performance indicators.

Communicating on social networks takes time, a lot of time!
When I run a social network training in a company, the first remark that comes out at the end is: “It’s great but it takes too much time!” Often, companies think that communicating on social networks is a hobby that takes a few minutes a month. These are the same companies that ask the following question .

To communicate effectively on social networks, as we saw previously, you must be regular and plan to post several times a week on each of your social networks.

How Long Does It Take To Communicate

In addition to posts, you need to create content for them, respond to posts and comments, and analyze your actions.

It depends on your industry, your target and your goals, but you can probably plan at least 2 hours per week to communicate a minimum on social networks.

Why doesn’t social media work for me? If your communication on social networks does not bring you anything, it is because you are communicating poorly.
As we started to address in question 11, your customers, partners and competitors are on social media. For this reason alone, social networks should allow you to gain visibility and develop your turnover in the more or less long term.


If you feel that social networks aren’t getting you anything, it’s because you either haven’t put in place the right tools to accurately measure your ROI, or you aren’t communicating in a relevant way.

Before you throw in the arms, I advise you to analyze in detail using the statistical tools available your actions on social networks and to check in particular the relevance of your content – what do they bring to your fans / subscribers? – the frequency and timing of your publications.

You will notice that some posts have worked better than others and you will be able to refine your communication strategy on social networks.

They Can Accompany In These Two Cases

Do I need to call on an expert to communicate on social networks? You probably need to hire an expert to communicate effectively on social media.
I can already hear your remark from here: “There, he’s selling us his dairy! “. Of course, but not only.

What emerges daily among my clients and even among blog readers is that communicating on social networks is a real job, which requires time and precise skills.

Unfortunately, you often do not have the time to take enough care of your social networks because you have to devote yourself to your core activity to ensure your daily life. The other problem is that you generally do not have the skills in-house to communicate well on social networks.

If you abandon your communication on social networks, you leave the field open to your competitors. You must therefore do everything possible to communicate effectively on social networks.

In this situation, a service provider can either take charge of your communication on social networks or provide you with training allowing you to communicate well on social networks.

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