Still, wondering what social media is for? into your communication strategy: It can increase your visibility and notoriety. Social media Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List will be referenced (see article on popularity and referencing ). It, therefore, represents the opportunity to distribute and distribute links to the pages of your website and thus optimize their positioning in search engines. This can gain more traffic. Social media makes it possible to find new customers and partners. This makes it possible to manage customer relations in real-time. It allows you to manage your e-reputation (your online reputation). Social media allow you to constantly monitor your market in real-time.
But, what is social media for? We’ve seen the definition of social media, the benefits of social media, and the benefits of social media. And you still wonder what is social media for? Or rather, are you wondering if social media is really relevant to your business? If you still doubt it, it’s doubtful that you tried social media stuff and didn’t see a return on your investment. I do not think so. Why ? Because every day I meet companies like you who have tried their chances on social media but gave up for lack of results. And when I dig, I always see the same reasons. It is not enough to know, in theory, the definition of social media and its benefits to generate ROI.

4 key points for communicating well on social media

To communicate well on social media, it is essential to follow some good practices. Know your target. To understand what social media is for and what it can bring you, it’s important to understand who your target is. We are talking about Persona Marketing. The idea here is above all to understand what your target is doing with social media. What social media does she use? What are its uses? You need to know the expectations and needs of your target to communicate well on social media. Here, we will get straight to the point. To generate ROI with social media, it is imperative to work on a documented social media strategy. Got a social media strategy.


But it’s in your head? You don’t have a strategy. Here, I highly recommend that you read our guide: The 8 fundamentals for communicating well on social media. Use the right social media. What is social media for you to ask? Every social media has its uses, but not all social media is for you. I meet too many companies who invest in all social media thinking that they will have a better chance of winning customers. Big mistake. These companies learn it the hard way and it is they who are then convinced that social media is for nothing. To communicate well on social media, it is important to select them well. How? ‘Or’ What? Depending on your target.

You have to work on a documented strategy

The key is to keep your eyes down and limit yourself to a number of social media that you can manage effectively according to your financial, human, time, and skillsets. Which social media to choosing in B2B? You have to work on an editorial calendar. As we have seen in our definition of social media, their vocation is to share content with high added value. To communicate effectively on social media, it is essential to share content tailored to your target on a regular basis. The content you share on social media must add value to your target audience. Hence the importance of working your Personas, once again. To effectively share content on social media, it is essential to work on an editorial calendar.
The editorial calendar will let you know exactly what to post on social media day in and day out. Useful to avoid wasting time with white sheet syndrome. Believe me. Conclusion. Social media are therefore essential in the age of digital communication. However, it is important to take the time to design a comprehensive social media strategy in order to use them wisely and thus achieve the goals you set for yourself. Without a strategy, the resources you mobilize in managing your social media will be wasted and may even have a negative impact on your brand (eg: bad buzz …). You will understand, social media have an exceptional strike force but must be handled with a grain of salt.

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