You don’t have to login and logout of each social network. It saves a lot of time. Especially while conducting social media audits. It is a also very inexpensive for a social media analytics tool. Guatemala Phone Number Most cost around $100 while you can get cyfe for $19/month only. 5. Boardbooster boardbooster is a great tool that can only be used to manage your pinterest page. One of its unique features is that it can be used to monitor group boards better. Both yours and others. Group boards can quickly increase engagement they can help you gain both repins and followers. 6.

Iconosquare iconosquare lets you manage all your instagram accounts in one place. You can use it to schedule posts. Monitor feeds of grouped users and hashtags. You can also use it to moderate and respond to comments. They provide really good analytics to help you monitor follower growth and to Guatemala Phone Number analyze engagement. You will be able to see what types of photos. Filters and hashtags are getting you the most likes and engagement. It will even help you find your best time to post. You can also audit your competitors with iconosquare. 7. Visme in order to make the most of visual social media. You need to know how to create shareable images by yourself. 

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You can always hire a designer to give you a hand. But it can end up costing a lot of money. One way to learn how to create visuals is by investing in expensive software like photoshop or illustrator and spending hours learning how to use them. Or you can instantly begin designing beautiful images by Guatemala phone number using a tool like visme. It gives you access to thousands of templates and assets that make it easy for you to design images. You can also use it to create presentations. Infographics and reports as you have access to graph and infographic widgets too. 8. Stencil stencil is another tool that makes it easy to design visuals. Right within the dashboard you have access to 860.000+ background images. 

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You can add whatever text and/or graphics to these and directly share them on social media. They have 200.000+ graphics and icons. If you like sharing quotes on social media you can take Guatemala Phone Number advantage of their ready to add quotes feature. It will save you a lot of time. They also have a browser extension that makes it easy to instantly upload any image from a webpage. Modify it and then share it. 9. Canva if you prefer a free visual design tool instead of the above. Then canva could be perfect for you. The above two tools also have free versions. But their features are very limited. Canva’s free version will help you do a lot more. 

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You only have to pay $1 an image for premium templates. They have access to over 8.000 templates. You can also design infographics with canva. Wrap up these are all the tools you Guatemala Phone Number can use in your visual social media marketing. They will help you manage your social media pages. Create ads. Make the most of user generated content. Monitor analytics and create attractive shareable visuals.That’s the number of emails the average person receives per day. According to a study by the the radicati group.

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