It can just as well be part of a larger whole, such as a foundation or a larger company. Then you also have a unique message, knowledge and/or expertise that you can share via your podcast and with which you can turn prospects into customers or donors. Also Read: 10 Striking Podcast Trends That Experts Can’t Stop Talking About Earning model 2: advertising and sponsoring To advertise Placing advertisements in your podcast is still in its infancy in the Netherlands, but is already widely used in countries such as America.

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There are three options: Pre-roll – an ad before your podcast starts Mid-roll – about halfway through your podcast Post-roll – after your podcast The post-roll is perceived by the Qatar Phone Number as the least annoying and the mid-roll as the most annoying. It is therefore less recommended. To work with ads , you do need a large podcast. Range is key. The lower limit for podcast ads is a reach of at least 20,000 listens per month.

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This market is growing exponentially and is increasing by 20% annually (unlike advertising in newspapers, for example). Again, enough potential for growth if you opt for this revenue model. Sponsorship This is the most widely and oldest way to monetize your podcast. It is certainly interesting if your podcast is about a specific topic or for a specific listener group.

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