Send personalized emails. The 5 previous strategies will allow you to promote your business and attract as much Denmark WhatsApp Number List website. If your website is well done, you will naturally get more and more contact details including e-mail addresses.

These strategies will also allow you to get to know your customers better and to know more precisely how to reach and convince them. So you are now ready to implement the sixth strategy, which consists of sending personalized e-mailings.

Warning ! I said “personalized”… Do not indulge in mass e-mailings hoping to hit the mark mathematically. This is not Inbound Marketing and it is not how you will market your business (at least not the way you want it to).

You know your clients like no one else, you really care about them … Show them! If they are won over, your customers will become your first ambassadors and will naturally help you promote your business.

New call-to-action
These strategies work, it is proven. However, your business will not become the benchmark in its market overnight. To promote your business, you will need to be patient and not lack consistency! Do you want to be supported in your digital communication strategy? Contact me !

Growth Hacking is the new trendy concept. Concretely, Growth Hacking consists in finding tips, hacks, to accelerate its growth. Here are 25 hacks to develop the sales of your E-Commerce site!
E-Commerce is one of the only sectors to experience steady growth today, but competition is fierce. There are, in France alone, more than 180,000 active E-Commerce stores.

So how can you tell the difference? Growth Hacking is a relevant avenue to attract new customers to your E-Commerce store and convince them to buy.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a strategy that consists of devising new techniques to accelerate growth based on all the data in our possession.

Concretely, you will constantly be looking for tips to improve your indicators with the sole aim of developing your turnover: how can you attract more visitors? How can you improve your click-through rate, your conversion rate, the validation rate of shopping carts etc…?

Improving these indicators will naturally lead to an increase in your E-Commerce sales. To help you in your thinking, here are 25 tips to develop the sales of your E-Commerce store with Growth Hacking.

25 hacks to develop the sales of your E-Commerce store
Hack # 1: Increase the loading speed of your E-Commerce site
As internet connections get faster, the loading time of your e-commerce store is key to growing your sales.


Thus, reducing the loading time of your E-Commerce site by a few thousandths of a second will significantly increase your conversion rate.

Hack # 2: Use the right keywords
Define your strategic keywords in order to attract ultra-targeted traffic to your website. Attracting people is good, interested people is better!

To go further: How to determine your keywords?
Hack # 3: Be responsive
To increase the sales of your E-Commerce store, you must take into account the changing behavior of your consumers.

And today, your consumers are increasingly browsing the Internet from a mobile device such as smartphone and tablet. If the design of your site is not suitable for mobile navigation, you automatically lose sales!

To find out if your E-Commerce site is suitable for mobile, here is a verification tool offered by Google.

In Case Of Cart Abandonment

Hack # 4: Test the page structure of your E-Commerce store
The structure of your pages, especially that of your product pages, has a direct impact on your conversion rate. To grow your ecommerce store sales, experiment with making minor changes to your pages and analyzing the repercussions.

Hack # 5: Promote contact
Visitors to your ecommerce store may need advice and help before making a purchase. Make sure that they can easily contact you through different levers such as a contact form, an email address or even social networks.

Hack # 6: Use Call-to-Action
Call-to-Action are call-to-action buttons. “Add to cart” is for example a Call-to-Action. To optimize the conversion rate of your E-Commerce store, offer Call-to-Action clearly indicating what you expect from your visitors.

Hack # 7: Make it easier to navigate between your pages
Check the architecture of your E-Commerce site and take care not to confuse or distract your visitors. Much like the paths traced in stores, make sure that the clearest path on your store corresponds to your objective: sales.

Hack # 8: Offer a search function on your E-Commerce site
Even if the navigation on your e-commerce site is optimized, your consumers are fond of search bars. When they want to find something quickly, they immediately turn to this function.

Hack # 9: Post reviews and testimonials
Visitors will be more likely to buy if they read testimonials and reviews left by your customers on your E-Commerce site. The recommendation works as much in traditional commerce as on the Internet (if not more!).

Hack # 10: Encourage your customers to leave a review
This is the prerequisite of the previous Hack. If you want to develop the sales of your E-Commerce store by relying on the testimonials and opinions of your customers, you must encourage them to leave some.

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