PPC although this may be true, professionals should focus on understanding the complete customer journey.”

Founder of Cultivate Marketing, said: “With the shift from exact match to more ‘exact’ match, the publication of audience. Reports in Google Analytics, the increased focus on. YouTube targeting parameters, it’s become increasingly clear that PPC professionals need. To focus on understanding the complete customer journey.

With that focus and influx of automation, Bishop said, the marketing disciplines of understanding your market and of your customers take priority over manual management tasks.


“We will likely be less and less

able although this may be true, to continue to rely so much Indonesia WhatsApp Number List on keyword targets, and instead we will have to continue to focus on leveraging demographic, firmographic and engagement data to map the campaigns to our benefit,” Bishop said.

This may not seem like a major change to you, but Google and Bing have devoted significant resources to developing much more robust (AI-based) recommendation engines in their interfaces.

Bing introduced a competition tab, performance insights, and location recommendations


David Pan general manager

of global search operations at Microsoft, told SMX East this fall that the whole system changes often to keep people up to speed. “So we’ve built an AI infrastructure that really powers any. Recommendations that we put in through our UI or through our sales team.”

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Google also continues to iterate on the data visualizations available on the Overviews page. Ahead of Black Friday weekend, it added a map to retailers’ accounts showing their campaign trends compared to last year.

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