Communicate quickly on social networks. To save time in your communication on social networks, I also recommend Uganda Phone Number List the posts that you plan for the next 30 days. You will then only have to publish them on your social networks.

However, I do not recommend that you write everything in advance because, you know, it is important to keep spontaneity and freshness on social networks.

Often, you think you don’t have time to communicate on social networks because you visualize yourself logging into each of your accounts each time you need to publish a post there.

So when I tell my clients that I post at least 15 tweets on Twitter to get meaningful results, they imagine they log into Twitter 15 times a day. If we add to that 2 Facebook posts per day and 1 LinkedIn post, they are already overwhelmed. It’s all natural !

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to manage the posts of all your social networks on a single interface and even schedule them. To avoid wasting time, I advise you to try one of the two following tools which in my opinion are the easiest to use: Hootsuite and Buffer.

Use A Posting Tool For Your Social Networks

As you can see above, on Buffer, I schedule my tweets for the whole day. Not only do the publication tools save you time, they also present you with interesting statistics to optimize your communication actions on social networks. For example, it is by following these statistics that I regularly determine when to post on social networks.

Centralize your watch with an RSS feed aggregator. Another tool that will save you time is the RSS feed aggregator. Concretely, an RSS feed aggregator allows you to group together in a single interface all the blogs and websites that you visit for your watch.


The day before allows you to stay informed of your market, the actions of your competitors but also allows you to find content to share on your social networks.

Here, I recommend you to test Feedly which is easy to use and accessible from your computer or mobile device. Be connected to your social networks… but not too much! Social networks are well done: when you connect to them, everything is done to keep you there. So it’s tempting to go into endless browsing every time you log into your social networks.

To avoid this, I advise you not to connect to your social networks more than twice a day: in the early morning and in the middle of the afternoon for example.

Save Time On Social Networks

But then what about the reactivity you will tell me! If so, very good remark: responsiveness is also one of the keys to success on social networks.

To stay connected to your social networks without wasting time, I simply recommend that you download all the applications from your social networks to your smartphone. Thus, you will be informed in real-time of important actions via notifications.

Do not carry your communication on social networks alone. Communication on social networks is a team effort. Your employees are your first ambassadors and it is essential that they take part in your communication strategy on social networks.

By communicating on social networks, your employees will bring the objectivity necessary for your success. A business that lives well is a business that attracts.

Besides that, integrating your employees into your communication strategy on social networks will of course save you time and ensure that your digital world does not stop turning every time you are away.

So, I advise you to take the time to raise awareness and train your employees in the use of social networks. As with the first tip, this time invested at the start will allow you to save much more later!

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