With the Internet and social networks, buyers’ behavior and expectations have become more complex, forcing you to Iran Phone Number List sales strategy. With this in mind, Marketing Automation naturally stands out as an essential solution. Marketing Automation Guide Summary. Introduction: why switch to Marketing Automation when you are in B2B? The prerequisites for a good start. How to generate qualified leads with Marketing Automation? How to convert your prospects into customers with Marketing Automation? Now launch your first Marketing Automation campaign. The Marketing Automation Guide is complete: Download it for free in PDF. Introduction: why switch to Marketing Automation when you are a B2B company? The Internet and social networks have turned the expectations and behaviors of the buyer upside down.

The buyer now prefers to think about his purchase on his own and no longer appreciates commercials. Solicitations which never come at the right time. The buyer follows a 3-step purchasing process. Which often lasts several months. He realizes that he is encountering a problem to be solved (Awareness). He chooses the solution that he considers the most relevant. And seeks to validate that he is making the right choice before acting (Decision). It is only during the last step of the process that the buyer. Agrees to get in touch with a salesperson whom he often solicits himself. In this situation, you need to put in place a marketing and sales strategy that will allow you to grab the buyer’s attention.

The 4ps Of Content Marketing

And arouse their interest by offering high value-added content that matches their expectations throughout the buying process. ‘purchase. But now, as a B2B company, how to attract the attention of a buyer who does not suspect the existence of your often innovative product or service? This is the problem that all our customers face: offering an innovative offer gives you a definite competitive advantage but, to fully exploit it, you must communicate and prospect in a skilful way to convince a buyer unaware of the existence of a such offer or, at best, not perceiving all the uses and all the added value. To meet this challenge, you must put in place a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy whose educational and persuasive content will be the central element .


Nourish their purchasing thinking to bring them to maturity. To set up an effective Inbound Marketing strategy allowing you to generate qualified prospects and convert them into customers, you will need to use ultra-personalized communications. At this stage, our customers identify two major obstacles: How do you determine if a prospect is sufficiently qualified and mature? How to communicate in a personalized way when you don’t have the time. This is when Marketing Automation takes on its full meaning! What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation is a type of software that allows you to generate leads and convert them into customers through a series of automatic actions. Concretely, Marketing Automation allows you to generate qualified prospects from your website.

The Objective Here Is Twofold

To measure their maturity according to their behavior and to send them personalized communications to feed their purchase thinking. One of the vocations of Marketing Automation is to save time and allocate it to the processing of qualified mature prospects, close to decision-making. The benefits of Marketing Automation for our customers. Marketing Automation reduces the length of the sales cycle. In B2B, the sales cycle can span several weeks or even months. For a B2B company, the sales cycle is generally longer. Since there is an educational part to be carried out to convince the buyer. To reduce the length of the sales cycle. You can support the buyer in his purchase reflection by offering him value-added content answering the questions he is asking, and even anticipating them.

Marketing Automation, via its Lead Nurturing feature that we will detail later, allows you to automatically send content to your prospect based on their progress in the purchasing process that we have seen previously. Marketing Automation to optimize conversion. How many leads do you manage to generate today with your website? By making the ratio of Prospects Generated / Visitors, you get your conversion rate. With a Hubspot-type Marketing Automation solution , you have the possibility of configuring on your website a conversion funnel based on Call-to-Action, Landing Pages and smart forms which, like merchandising in a business, beacon the path for your visitor to follow. Thus, you significantly improve your conversion rate. Here we are the best example: before switching to Marketing Automation at SLN Web.

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