Personalize-for-storytelling-in-content-marketing for example. Here is a dermatologist sharing the possible reasons for getting acne and the methods of Exit Phone Number curing it. It is a great marketing move because here you have a story told by a professional. People usually trust such ads. Think like a journalist in . The nissan marketers realized that spreading press releases and standard advertising did not help establish a connection with their target audience.

So the company created its own content laboratory. Nissan hired former journalists who started to look for stories and data inside the brand. They searched for material that would be attractive to people and social media. Now almost all the big international Exit Phone Number companies have such laboratories. Companies such as coca-cola. Walt disney. Apple. Cisco. American express. Etc.. Use stories as the basis of their content campaigns. Of course not everyone can create a content lab. But the point here is to think like a journalist. Think about what people would like to hear. See and read. 

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Support your story with data deep research is what differentiates a remarkable story from an okay one. Before you write any kind of story. You should do thorough research. Find some statistics. Check up the facts and look for rare and exciting information. Your stories can be flavored by specific data aimed at people with rational thinking. This information can Exit phone number then be an additional argument for getting your product. Which of the following examples sound more convincing to you? Security violations are a serious problem for big enterprises these days did you know that  of security violations take place in big enterprises? The second example has the logical appeal – the fact that will influence people’s decision to buy.

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So. Do your homework before creating anything. Organize an exciting adventure for your readers tell your brand’s story so that your readers feel like they have been making the journey with you. If your company develops modern technology. For example. Add Exit Phone Number short stories about the history of the technology and its evolution to this “adventure”. Teach them! Here are two good examples from the clothing company nasty gal and the clif bars. Organize-an-exciting-adventure-for-your-readers-for-storytelling-in-content-marketing organize-an-exciting-adventure-for-your-readers–for-storytelling-in-content-marketing visualize thanks to social networks. The information stream has increased. And people have learned how to process that information and choose what they need. 

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They still want to read. Though. It is clear that no one will read long walls of text about the advantages of your brand. But it is now not enough to just separate text into paragraphs and add some pictures. The visual part should help readers dive into the text and feel the atmosphere. Think of other visual formats apart from pictures. Too. It can be illustrations. Gifs. Infographics. Videos. Etc. – you should think about it in the context of every separate story. There is this Exit Phone Number company. Natural valley. That produces muesli bars. A few years ago they had a successful project with the goal of creating an emotional connection with the brand and consumers. Their team went through  miles of national parks with cameras. As a result. The emotional and beautiful pictures. Videos and interactive stories showed that the company is up for preserving natural resources.

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