When to tweetYou’ll have great tweeting, great content, posting interesting content with the right hashtags, if you Slovenia WhatsApp Number List not there, it’s a waste of time. It’s like making up your mind to go to the local troquet at 11 a.m. when your friends are at work. Or like, you must have already had that weird dream where you go to school and it is closed or worse that you really show up 1 hour too early because you did not change the time ! Well, it’s the same.

You have to figure out the right times to tweet. There are a whole bunch of infographics on the subject, I’m not a big fan of it. Already, they are often made by the Americans. And America is not France. And then they are often too restrictive. It’s difficult to define optimal hours, it all depends on your business ”! By tweeting, you’ll have enough perspective to determine when it’s good to tweet.

Sharing articles is good, but be creative! It’s also not bad in pictures. Images and videos engage subscribers. Studies show, again often in the US, tweets with a photo or video have a higher engagement rate.

Can you add a photo to illustrate the article you are sharing? Sometimes the title is not very meaningful and it is difficult to summarize the post in a few characters. Add a tof ‘! How to tweet well

Tweet Photos And Videos

You yourself tweet #TMTT
In life, you have to know how to give in order to receive! No you saw, I’m not going to play her like your grandmother but it’s true. If you want to be retweeted and engage your followers, you need to engage too. It’s not just you who are interesting on Twitter, the others also have things to bring you… Listen to the wisdom that speaks to you!

Twitter engagement9 – Chat, make friends
Do you know what Twitter is? Twitter is a social network, don’t forget it! And who says social network says relationship, discussion and sharing. Don’t stay alone in your corner tweeting your content. It’s not just the RT. Use s to call out tweeters. Intervene in the discussions, bring your two cents. Make links, make Twitter friends, they will become your best ambassadors. And then, the more the merrier the more we laugh, right?


In conclusion, Be patient!
The world was not made in a day, your Twitter community is the same! Patience is the key to success on Twitter as it is on all social networks. If you want to be successful and tweet like a boss, you’re going to have to be consistent, perseverant, and challenge yourself.

Analyze your tweets, the ones that worked well, the others, why? Ask yourself the right questions, improve yourself. Don’t fall into the dark side of the force, don’t use FollowBack or whatever method to get more followers, it’s pointless! What matters is commitment! To go further: How to get dumped by your followers in 10 lessons!

Tweet At The Right Time

In 2016, mobile searches will overtake desktop searches. 3 out of 5 consumers are looking for information on a local VSE / SME from their mobile. 200 million users consult Google Map from a mobile device, or 40% of users of the service. The importance of social networks for a VSE / SME Why communicate on social networks TPE PME

66% of consumers say they have been influenced by social networks in their purchasing decision. 86% of business leaders consider Facebook to be relevant to their business. 71% for Youtube and 60% for Twitter.

In conclusion, These figures clearly demonstrate the importance of the Internet and social media for VSEs / SMEs. However, creating social media accounts and having a website is not enough to reap the rewards of a web presence.

To optimize its actions on the Internet and social media, it is essential to work on a precise strategy according to its objectives and targets. How to define and implement an effective web strategy?

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