Perfect web content is content that encourages sharing. To gain visibility, you can, in addition to the actions presented in point # 1, invite Panama Phone Number List your web content on social networks. I take this opportunity to ask you to share this article with your friends if you think it is useful and of quality.
To optimize the number of shares of your web content on social networks, it is important to integrate them into a Storytelling strategy. In other words, your web content must be part of a story that you tell on the internet to convey your message and emotions to your target.
To increase the odds on your side, also consider incorporating social media sharing icons into your web content. Finally, it is important to optimize your web content for sharing on social networks by, for example, configuring Twitter Cards and configuring the Facebook Opengraph!
how to communicate well on the internet and promote your business

So, are you ready to create the perfect web content? This article is inspired by an infographic published by the Content Marketing Institute and presenting the key elements of perfect web content:

There are a plethora of tools to communicate well on the internet and social networks. However, it is necessary to make the shooting between the good and the less good, between the free and the expensive… To spare you this study, here the 34 free tools absolutely to use to boost your communication on Internet and the social networks! When I run a Community Manager or Digital Marketing conference or training, attendees are always shocked at the amount of work it takes to achieve meaningful results.

Tools For Writing Text Content

The smartest people always ask me the same question: aren’t there free tools to automate certain tasks Admit that you have already asked yourself the question?

Look no further: whether it is to gain in productivity and increase your performance, here I offer you my 34 favorite tools to communicate effectively on the internet and social networks:

Community Manager tools to manage your social networks;
The tools to illustrate your publications;
Tools for organizing contests;
The tools to analyze your actions;
The tools to increase productivity .
Free Community Manager tools for your social networks
Let’s start with the beginning. What often turns off my clients and my students is having to manage multiple social networks.


They imagine connecting with every social network as soon as they need to post a few things. But since they are generally not experienced Community Managers, they are already overwhelmed. They are also hampered by the fact that it is often necessary, in order to communicate well on social networks, to post publications in the evenings and weekends. It is indeed important to post your publications when your targets are connected to them… A Community Manager must work evenings and weekends!

Or not ! Maybe the Community Manager is using the right tools to schedule their posts. Because indeed, to answer these 2 most common issues, here are 3 free Community Manager tools. With these tools used daily by any Community Manager, you will be able to use only one interface to manage your social networks and schedule your publications for distribution at the best times. Community manager tools – Buffer. Buffer. Buffer is a free tool to a certain extent, loved by the Community Manager.

The Tools To Communicate Live

You can indeed use Buffer for free within the limit of 10 social networks and 200 scheduled publications, which leaves you room. For the paid version, it will take $ 9.99 / month and believe me, it is not expensive to pay. With Buffer, you will be able to schedule all your publications by choosing yourself the days and times of publications for each of your social networks.
Thanks to the Analysis section, you can analyze your posts to determine the best times to post. Essential action of Community Management. Buffer is the essential tool for communicating well on social networks.

community manager tools – hootsuite. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a tool for Community Manager also free to a certain limit (3 social network profiles). For the full version, you will have to pay 10 € / month. It is more complete than Buffer but for my part I find it less intuitive and more complex. With Hoostuite, you will not only be able to schedule your publications on all of your social networks but you will also be able to follow lists (practical for your monitoring), like, share and moderate the publications of third parties on your accounts.

community manager tools – manageflitter. Manageflitter. ManageFlitter is the tool I use to manage my community on Twitter. ManageFlitter allows you to analyze the typology of your subscribers and those of your competitors. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe from certain profiles according to specific criteria. To clean up my Twitter subscription list, I use ManageFlitter to regularly unsubscribe from inactive accounts that are of no interest for months. Many Community Managers using Twitter use this tool on a daily basis.

Free tools to illustrate your publications on the internet and social networks
You know, in the age of the internet and social networks, we are overwhelmed by content. It’s the same with your customers.

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