Facebook was my first place to play. Watch and chat with people and twitter was next. Digital publishing platforms were also in the mix. WordPress and blogger made creative portals to Dominican Republic Phone Number publish your creativity with the world easy and free. I discovered that the social networks are much more than places to share food photos. Social media is where humanity and technology intersect.  The social networks allowed visibility and global marketing without paying any gatekeeper or media mogul.

It was a game changer. The social web had democratized publishing and marketing and it amplified our humanity. It’s more than play you just need to decide whether you want to just Dominican Republic Phone Number play or use it to transform your life. Do you want to reveal and manifest your passionate purpose to a waiting world at full throttle? Is there a voice that sits inside and says “there is more to life than this existence” if you are willing to start and transform a passion project from a hobby to a lifestyle of substance. Then you can build and leave a legacy that maybe you had only dreamed about. You can become a person of influence. 

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Here is a new mantra that goes beyond just an acknowledged and recorded existence. I create. Ypu publish. I exist. That is a place where real personal growth happens. But you will need to take some steps to make that a reality. There is no need to wait or be discovered by a journalist. How do you create Dominican Republic phone number influence in this digital world? How do you make a difference? #1. Create what makes us fully human? Within all of us are dreams.  The burning desire to create something of consequence. To build a legacy that says “I made a difference”. This superhero was there when we were five. 

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But some of us had it removed when the adults took away the crayons and the superman outfit and sent us to school. We heard the words and phrases. Don’t make a mistake. Color between Dominican Republic Phone Number the lines. Don’t be different. But being distinctive and diverse and maybe even peculiar is to be embraced. Going with the crowd will only achieve one thing. Anonymity. That it is a place to die not thrive. Constructing that life of consequence needs creation. Just being a part of the team. Attending meetings and showing up each day to the corporate cubicle is just “doing”. 

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Many writers leave their best stuff behind when they exit their organisation. They don’t write for themselves but others. That’s a waste. Creating has many coats some of us write. Others draw and some even sing. I missed that one. Programmers and engineers create. Creative crafting is hard as it means Dominican Republic Phone Number you have to distil noise. Complexity and confusion into clarity.  Writers need to wrangle words into coherent structure. Song writers need to take singular sounds that flow and pop and delight. Symphonies are written one note at a time. Connecting the dots does not bring joy or happiness. It is just compliance. To conceive. Build and forge a creation that touches hearts and minds is where being human is at.

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