This also ensures that important stories from our history are preserved. Creative use of synthetic media in education can significantly improve learning outcomes . 3. Language barriers disappear and David Beckham now speaks nine languages By using AI technology you can share a message in practically any language, which makes a lot of information more accessible.

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A good example is the Malaria Must Die campaign in which David Beckham speaks nine different languages. In short, we are entering an interesting time in which the Romania Phone Number possibilities are endless. That can be scary at times, because our reality is about to change. We are going to bring physical and virtual reality together (hi metaverse ) and that does indeed create new danger. At the same time, it also brings a lot of creative opportunities.

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As a marketer, I am especially looking forward to that and I hope you are too. Let’s continue to have a little faith in humanity and believe that we will indeed find our way in this new world. About the book I had n’t read much about synthetic media before I read Really fake (affiliate), so I was very curious if th  topic actually interests me at all. And if I could follow the story.

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