Regularly take stock of which stocks are working and which aren’t and adapt your strategy accordingly. We must not put the cart before the horse. This applies to Armenia WhatsApp Number List on the internet. You are in a hurry to promote your business on the internet, I understand it perfectly, I have been there. Suddenly, you want to do everything right away… This is the best way to miss you. Go forward one step after another, make sure you master a lever before activating a new one, validate one step before moving on to the next!

By reaching the end of this guide, you will have understood it well: to promote your business, you will need to publish quality content. To attract the attention of Internet users and make yourself known, you will need to offer high value-added content. With the internet, we are all inundated with articles and promotions of all kinds. Stand out by offering content that meets the expectations and issues of your targets.

I also hope that with this complete guide, I will allow you to promote your business on the internet! Do you want to promote your business on the internet? Opt for Inbound Marketing:

To gain new followers or promote your brand on social networks, the competition is a relevant lever. However, to take full advantage of your competition, you must do everything to attract a maximum of participants and so that they do not leave you after the draw!

Over the months, changing social media rules and increasing competition make it more and more complex to gain new social media fans / subscribers without running a sponsored campaign – in other words for free. !

Take One Step At A Time!

In this situation, organizing a competition is a relevant solution to develop your visibility and your community on social networks. But be careful with the organization of your competition! If the contest on social networks generally attracts crowds, it is important that you do everything to attract potential customers and people who will not leave you as soon as the draw is made…!
Okay, but how do you make a social media contest? To help you in this process, I give you my tips for organizing a successful contest! Are You Having A Blocking Point For Your Social Networks Or Would You Like To Be Helped By An Expert For Your Contest?
online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes social networks. 18 tips for running a successful social media contest. Set clear goals. To run a successful social media game, it’s essential that you clearly define what you expect from it.


You are organizing a contest on Facebook: is it to gain new fans for your Facebook page? It’s not specific enough, how many new fans are you targeting? You must define here objectives from which you will deduce performance indicators allowing you to monitor the relevance of your competition.
For that, I advise you to apply the SMART method which wants your objectives to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and fixed in Time.
Without a goal, your social media game may be a hit, but the return on investment will not be there. Identify the nature of the participants. To define the mechanics and the reward of your competition, it is important to know exactly who you are talking to.
Unfortunately, this step is all too often skipped by the contest organizers who want to cast a wide net for fear of not attracting participants …

Think About Added Value!

It is this error that causes you to organize a competition that does not earn you anything afterwards. Do not forget that it is very nice to have participants in your contest but that you are organizing this contest for your development and not to be nice!

For that, I advise you to work your Personas Marketing . Determine the right type of competition
Now that you have defined your objectives and that you know exactly who it is for, you will be able to determine what type of contest you are going to organize for your social networks.

You are spoiled for choice! On social networks, the most common contests are photo contests (ex: photo of your product put in situation with the most likes), quizzes or even winning moments (ex: from 500 J ‘ like on this post, I save 1 trip to Le Havre!).

Simpler, you also have the contest based on the sharing / comment / like of a post coupled with the registration to your page / account For example, I recently organized a contest on Twitter where I put into play the 3rd edition of the Internet Marketing book: to participate, the interested parties had to retweet the tweet of the contest and follow me on Twitter LudoSLN .

Look at what is happening with your competitors and be careful: a contest on Facebook is not the same as a contest on Twitter, LinkedIn or another social network.

Provide a simple mechanic. The more complex your competition, the fewer participants you will have. It’s like e-commerce: you lose a certain volume of participants per click. If your social media giveaway requires too much action from participants (unless your reward is exceptionally expensive!), It will flop.

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