After a well-deserved vacation, you come back fully motivated and with full batteries, ready to make Benin Phone Numbers List in spades. The start of the school year is however a delicate period for commercial prospecting. How to prospect well at the start of the school year? Here are the 6 steps to follow! At the start of the school year, your prospects are overbooked! Whether it is for us or our clients, we notice it every year: at the start of the school year and during a good part of September, your prospects have other things to fry than to give you time for an appointment and even an exchange. telephone.

Between their nostalgia for the holidays that seem so far away and the files that have accumulated during their absence, your prospects no longer know where to turn. In addition, all companies that make the mistake of no longer prospecting during the holidays must imperatively work extra hard to make up for the catastrophic months of July and August in September. Your prospects are therefore solicited from all sides. To hold the attention of your prospects and stand out from clumsy competitors, you will need to adopt a more appropriate sales prospecting strategy. At the start of the school year, your prospects resume their buying thinking: feed it! After processing the mass of emails received during their absence.

Your Prospects Pick Up Where They Left Off

With the Internet and social networks, your prospects now clearly show their desire to find themselves the solutions to the problems they encounter and information on the offers they are considering. Your prospects can no longer stand to be interrupted in their day by a salesperson they do not know and have unwanted communications imposed on them. Even less in this back-to-school period. In this situation, you will have to be strategic to hold the attention of your prospects and convince them to meet you. For this, you will need to feed their buying thinking, communicate at the right tempo and pick up your prospects at the best time! How? ‘Or’ What?


Here are 6 steps to follow to properly prospect at the start of the school year! Back to school is an opportunity to make good resolutions. For you and your commercial prospecting. So take advantage of the start of the school year to take stock of your targets and very precisely determine the typical profile of your best prospects: who are your prospects? What are the issues they encounter? How do they get information? How do they communicate? To go further, I suggest you follow the Personas Marketing methodology. With all this information, you will be able to check the relevance of your sales prospecting actions and will be able to optimize your contacts to obtain as many qualified appointments as possible.

6 Steps To Follow To Properly Prospect

To conclude, identify the most active prospects in their purchase thinking. To prospect on LinkedIn productively, it’s important to prioritize the most active prospects in their buying thinking. Prospects who inquire about a topic, who face a sudden event – recruitment, fundraising, the signing of a new client – have very specific needs in the more or less short term and are therefore more likely to get their hands on the wallet! There is only one prerequisite: knowing your target at your fingertips! I Keep Myself Informed Of Developments And Good Practices. In this guide, you will find 24 pages of tips and tricks to attract more visits to your website and convert them into customers.

Create and share relevant internet content. As we have seen previously, your prospects pick up their buying thoughts at the start of the school year where they left off. Feed their buying thinking by creating and sharing quality content on your website and social networks. Concretely, this is about creating and sharing content that deals with the issues that your prospects encounter in order to attract their attention during their research on the Internet. By providing them with objective help, you will set yourself apart from your competitors who are content to make cold calls and you will position yourself as an expert who really cares about the expectations of his customers.

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