If you are a marketer, you have no doubt heard of Persona before and know that defining your personas is Mozambique Email List leads. Ok but how do you do that? Here are the 4 steps to follow to effectively work your Personas. What is a Persona? Creating your Personas consists of defining very precisely the needs, issues and questions that your potential customers ask themselves throughout the purchase journey . Your Personas allows you to identify all the communication opportunities to seize to generate leads and convert them into customers. Creating your Personas also allows you to better understand the purchasing behavior of your target. It is essential to make your Personas before defining and setting up.

That will allow you to generate leads and convert them into customers : the buyer, overwhelmed by information, expects from you a unique experience and ultra communications. -personalized. If you don’t know it inside out, it’s clearly mission impossible! If you invest in marketing actions without having taken the time to make your Personas, you are betting everything on your assumptions and it is very dangerous. I regularly meet companies who have obscured this work or who have created a Persona file in a few minutes on the corner of a table. Behind them, they invest time and money in content creation. Tools or even communication on social networks, assuming it’s the right thing to do.

Determine The Key Questions To Answer

Unfortunately, if their prospects don’t have the behaviors or expectations they are supposed to, that money goes up in smoke. Before investing, you must validate each of your hypotheses and this inevitably involves the creation of Persona files. What are the characteristics of a qualified prospect? Conversely, what characterizes an unqualified prospect? Creating your persona file should allow you to answer these two fundamental questions to generate qualified and mature leads. To begin with, you must therefore determine a precise list of points to define in your Persona work. When you do a Persona, there are two types of information to collect: demographic characteristics and behavioral characteristics . For demographic information, it is a question of determining for example what is the function of your Persona.


What is his typical day, what are his key competences or the tools he uses. Two other essential points here: what are the objectives of your Persona and what are the problems that he encounters. These two points will allow you to position your offer in the best possible way . Then there are the behavioral characteristics. Here, it is a matter of defining the questions that your Persona asks and the content that he consults throughout the purchase journey . The way in which he obtains information is also an important point. Behavioral insights will actually allow you to define what a mature prospect is. Your job here is therefore to define a relevant list of questions to answer in the creation of your Personas .

A Persona Is The Typical Profile Of Your Ideal Client

The best way to fully understand your customers is to speak to them directly . Now that you have a list of important questions, you need to ask them to your customers. For our customers, we organize exchanges of around twenty minutes by telephone with around fifteen of their customers. Nothing revolutionary here: it’s about asking your customers the questions you defined beforehand in order to understand why they trust you and what are the triggers that made them take the plunge with you . This is the main issue to take up to make a relevant persona: you must understand what prompted him to start his purchase reflection, how he got informed and to carry out his research to finally make a decision to invest.

Discuss with your collaborators. Making a Persona is not a mission only reserved for the Marketing department . Too often I come across businesses that fail to generate Qualified Leads for one simple reason: Marketing has created a Persona on their own and they are quite out of touch with reality. To generate qualified Leads – that is, Leads that will be converted by salespeople – you need to make your Personas in collaboration with all the people who are in direct contact with your customers . The work of Personas is the cornerstone of Marketing and Sales alignment . Marketing knows how prospects behave on the Internet thanks to the data they have at their disposal. Salespeople know precisely what the issues, needs and questions of your prospects are.

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