The key here is to be as specific as possible to precisely meet the expectations of your target. To support your point and Denmark Phone Number List data. Since you must write a blog article of sufficient length to be visible and convert, take the opportunity to write the reference article for the topic you are dealing with! Write a scannable blog post. As I told you earlier, I write relatively long blog posts but I realize that the majority of you will not read them in full. This is an important point to take into account when writing a blog post. On average, a reader only reads 20% of a web page .

It is a fact and we all do it, me first. To achieve your goal – to generate leads with your blog post – therefore, you need to make your blog post scannable. The reader should be able to understand your message and grasp its added value within seconds. To do this, feel free to illustrate your blog post with images and structure your text with catchy titles . Promote your blog post. Promotion is one of the 4Ps of Content Marketing that we use with our clients: Planning, Production, Promotion and Performances. To write a full blog post, you’ll spend a fair amount of time researching and creating information. Be aware that you must devote at least as much time

A Long Blog Post Generates More Leads

Marketing Automation to improve performance. Here is another major benefit of Marketing Automation: aligning Marketing and Sales. Simply put, with Marketing Automation, sales can no longer point the finger at marketing or marketing blame sales. The marketing automation tool makes it possible to identify very precisely the risk areas of lead management within the company . Thanks to the alignment of sales and marketing, objectives are shared, the quality of leads is constantly improved and marketing focuses its actions on needs emanating from the field. Marketing Automation to prospect without interruption. You have a limited amount of resources to grow your business. Like everyone else, the days are only 24 hours and a week has 5 working days.


Marketing Automation allows you to make the most of the time and resources you have available . Lead generation never stops. It is not uncommon to see leads arriving on our website at 10:00 PM. With Marketing Automation, identifying, qualifying, and fueling the thinking of your leads never stops. At the agency, Marketing Automation, for example, allowed us to generate more than 300 qualified leads during our last vacation! Do you want to go further and benefit from the advantages of Marketing Automation? Download our Marketing Automation Guide for Innovative Companies! To allocate it to the conversion of your best leads. Do you want to know more about the automation of sales prospecting?

A Long Blog Post Is More Shared

To promoting your article or you may not reap the benefits of your efforts . To promote your blog post, you can operate different levers: A newsletter. An online advertising campaign. Social networks. To conclude, don’t forget that you write a blog article first and foremost for the reader and that you must do everything possible to answer his problem or the questions. Gone are the days when Marketing and ROI were not compatible. Now, you have tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your marketing actions in real-time. I am thinking here of Google Analytics, statistical tools on social networks, or even Marketing Automation software like Hubspot. Your Marketing strategy may encounter failures but they must be temporary.

Very temporary since you can understand these. B2B marketing automation guide. By being innovative, you have a clear advantage over the competition. On the other hand, to fully exploit it, you must attract the attention of a buyer who often does not suspect the existence of your new offer . When you succeed, you must then do everything to convince him that your solution is the best to answer his problem. And now, as he does not know it, the buyer does not easily understand all the uses and the added value of your solution . You must therefore be a pedagogue and provide him with all the evidence he needs to seduce him.

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