To optimize the impact of your work, do not hesitate to write your scenario in the first person: “In the morning, I get up El Salvador WhatsApp Number List taking my children to school. Then, in public transport, I take advantage of the trip to check the news on Twitter…. ” You get the idea!

This last step will allow you in particular to define the right niches to publish your communications and therefore improve the returns.

A communication strategy adapted to your marketing personas
Now that you have defined your marketing personas, you have all the information in hand to determine a relevant communication strategy.

You know the strengths of your offer, the interests and expectations of your consumers. You are therefore able to create relevant content.

By having determined how your marketing personas get information, use the internet and social media, you can distribute and promote this content on the appropriate platforms and thus optimize the impact!

4 reasons to use an agency to work on your marketing personas?
Contrary to what many companies I meet think, it is not enough to mandate marketing for 2 hours to effectively work on your personas.

The Buyer Persona Guide

Persona work concerns marketing, of course, but also the sales department and your customers directly.To orchestrate all this and effectively define your personas, the help of an Inbound Marketing agency is far from a luxury.Here are 4 reasons to solicit an Inbound Marketing agency for your persona work:

1. To define your marketing personas as they are and not as you dream them
A marketing persona is the typical profile of your ideal customer, as we have seen.

This typical profile must be based and totally inspired by your best current customers, that is to say those who have a need that you successfully solve.

The mistake that many companies make here is to imagine the typical profile of their ideal client, even to dream it.

They imagine the perfect customer, who would be willing to spend a lot of money and this, for an unlimited period. Problem, this customer does not exist or he is not interested in you a priori.


Defining a marketing persona is not a matter of imagination or daydreaming. It is important to remain objective and to use all the data available to you to effectively work on your personas. And this is where the objectivity and experience of an Inbound Marketing agency like ours can come in handy.

An Inbound Marketing agency will take the time to analyze all your data but also to discuss with your customers and prospects.This is again the best way to find out who your best customers are!

To Define Only The Essential Personas

Do you want to take stock of your personas and your Inbound Marketing strategy? Request a Free Inbound Audit!
2. So as not to waste time with unnecessary features
Defining a marketing persona should allow you to answer questions that will be useful for your inbound strategy.

The experience of an Inbound Marketing agency specialized in your field of activity ( SLN Web for example if you are a B2B company ) will be useful for you to identify all the essential characteristics, and only these, of your personas.

Too often I meet companies who waste time looking for information for their marketing persona without really knowing why!

Does it matter if your marketing persona is a dog or two toddlers when selling B2B inventory management software?

Recently, I met an innovative company that wanted to implement a Marketing Automation solution.

When I asked her if she had worked on her personas, the marketing director said yes. They even worked 6 different marketing personas.

It is totally counterproductive to work with so many personas since you will never have the human and technological capacities to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy that will appeal to them all!

To seduce a persona, you need to write a minimum of 2 blog posts per week. Do the math for 6.

Not only is it too much work, but it will also create confusion in your editorial line and negatively impact your ranking in search engines.

An Inbound Marketing agency will allow you here to define the 2 or even 3 priority personas to achieve your goals.

4. So as not to limit yourself to marketing theory
Although this mission is very often carried by the Marketing department, the work of the personas should not necessarily exclude the other departments. Quite the contrary.

Sales, customer service, technical support, consultants or any other service that is in regular contact with your customers should be solicited. Collecting everyone’s vision is essential.

Whether they are customers, partners or employees, the Inbound Marketing agency will help you stay away from preconceived ideas in order to guarantee the quality of the information collected.

The Inbound Marketing agency will take a fresh look at your ecosystem. This will allow him to lead the creation of your Personas without any influence.

It’s time to get started! Download our complete guide to work peacefully on your persona!

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