Then, your website must load quickly: we often observe. A significant loss of traffic when a website loads in more than 3 seconds. Finally, another Costa Rica Phone Numbers List of your visitors’ data by offering secure browsing of the https type. In addition to promoting the user experience of your website, these 3 criteria will also guarantee you better SEO on Google and search engines . Forget the conversion. Many companies invest large sums in their web marketing strategy to attract more visitors to their website. That’s fine, but if they leave as quickly as they came, it won’t be of much benefit to your business. The key to a successful web.

Marketing strategy is your ability to convert your visitors into prospects and then into customers. Without conversion, you are clearly throwing your money away by investing in web marketing stocks. To convert your visitors into prospects and make your web marketing strategy a success, you need to think of your website as a 4-step conversion funnel. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. To put it simply, to convert your visitors into prospects you must validate their engagement and their interest in your brand by retrieving their contact details. To do this, you can in particular offer them to download free resources such as white papers or infographics dealing in more depth with their issues.

Identify The Right Decision-makers

Treat all your contacts the same. Another way to throw your money away with your web marketing strategy is to treat all of your contacts the same. Previously, we saw that it was essential to personalize your content according to your target. Personalization is one of the keys to success for your web marketing strategy. However, this is not enough. You must also take into account the level of maturity and the progress of your contacts in their purchasing process. Indeed, even if your contacts are qualified and have all the characteristics of your ideal buyer, some are in the purchasing decision phase while others are only realizing their problem. Do not contact your generated prospects within 24 hours.


To optimize the return on investment of your web marketing strategy, it is essential to offer different content that meets the expectations of your target throughout their purchasing thinking : from becoming aware of their problem to their decision, including the analysis of solutions. Very often, I happen to meet companies that are doing quite well on the web avoiding the first 6 mistakes. Their web marketing strategy therefore allows them to regularly generate qualified prospects on the Internet and social networks. Unfortunately, these companies do not take the time to contact – by email or phone – their leads generated on the internet quickly. Is this your case? Do you also sometimes generate contacts from your website and send them to your salespeople.

You Must Overcome New Challenges

Who then contact them again… all within several days? Believe me, by doing this, your web marketing strategy only serves to throw your money away. Even if they are very qualified, the leads generated from your website have very short memories. In addition, if they are advanced in their purchase thinking, there is a good chance that they will place their trust in the company that will be the most responsive. For these 2 reasons, you must recontact your prospects during the day for your web marketing strategy to be a success. Don’t keep in touch with your prospects. As we saw in lesson # 6, not all of your prospects are very advanced in their buying thinking.

Of course, you should focus on the hottest prospects, but it is a mistake to let go of those who are only at the beginning of their thinking. It’s naturally tempting to tell you that you will contact this or that prospect in 6 months, when they are ready to buy. It saves you time and a priori money. FALSE ! In 6 months, this prospect will have forgotten you and will be moved on. For your web marketing strategy to be profitable, you must ensure that you maintain contact with these prospects and regularly feed their purchasing thinking by offering them, in particular, quality content. So when the time comes to make a decision.

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