When are mailings sent in B2B? How do B2B decision-makers consult mailings? What do they expect from it? To create the Ethiopia Email List and behaviors of your target. Here are the key figures you absolutely need to know to create effective B2B email marketing. 34% of B2B Professionals Use a Mobile Device to Read Your mailings. This rate varies from 27% in public administration to over 40% in construction. If you are an innovative or technological company like the majority of our customers, between 30 and 40% of your contacts consult your mailing from a mobile device. To create an effective emailing, it is therefore essential to create an email that is suitable for reading on mobile.

If your email is not showing up optimally on mobile, you can be sure that the 30-40% of people who open it from such a device will put it straight in the trash. 54% of B2B Emailings are Sent on Tuesday or Thursday. How to create an effective emailing: the numbers to know? It’s a fact: the best days to communicate in B2B are Tuesday and Thursday. Monday is back from the weekend, there is too much to do. Friday is the weekend and the spirits are relaxed. Wednesday is children’s day. Does this fact still hold water? I let you meditate. Still, if all of your competitors send out their emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With us, the choice is quickly made!

Figures to know to create effective emailing

You might want to consider sending yours on a different day to grab your target’s attention, right? We also notice a trend: more and more emails are sent on Monday. Do you want to create an effective B2B emailing? Download the Perfect Emailing Checklist! 77% of B2B Emailings are Sent before 12 noon. B2B emailing hours. We note that B2B emails have been sent earlier and earlier since 2010. Here, it is the same analysis as the previous statistic: either you create an email by following the trends, or you try to stand out. Download our Guide to Inbound Marketing for Innovative Companies! Would you like to know more about Inbound Marketing and take action?


But what matters is that it helps you in your thinking and helps you achieve your goal. If so, I invite you to share it and I will have succeeded in my mission, no offense to Sébastien: I will have written the best blog article in the world. To me. Want to Take Stock of Your Blog Posts? The 2 pm / 4 pm time slot represents 36% of the clicks of the day. When to send a B2B emailing: do your analyzes. I want to draw your attention to the fact that this study presents only a trend and not a universal truth. The best time to send a B2B email directly depends on your target and their behavior.

And That Absolutely Right

The subject is a strategic field since it directly conditions the open rate of your emailing and therefore the success of your campaign. I strongly recommend that you write a subject line here that is not truncated in mailboxes. For this, around sixty characters is indeed a good practice. It’s your turn. The “Yes” is therefore the norm! As Sales Director, Company Manager, Business Unit Director, Sales Team Manager, ask yourself the following question: Do you want your sales reps to spend their day trying to talk to new cold contacts? Where? Would you like them to strike up a conversation with prospects who already know what your business is doing and have shown interest?

Concretely, you must integrate a Call-to-Action into your blog article. A Call-to-Action is a call-to-action button that your visitors will click generally (or rather exclusively) for a reward: New call-to-action. The goal is to offer your target something that will allow your target to go further in their thinking, after having read your article. Here I am writing a blog post with the aim of introducing you to the best practices to follow in order to gain customers with yours. But you are not fooled, you know that writing a blog post is not enough to achieve your goals. So, I suggest you download a free guide, the Lead Generation Guide, which will allow you.

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