Live video plays a major role in the success of your communication strategy. In this situation, Facebook Live is Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List choice. Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Live.

What is Facebook Live?
If you’re a regular Facebook fan, you probably haven’t been able to escape notifications telling you that a friend of yours is live. This is Facebook Live. Concretely, Facebook Live is a Facebook feature allowing you to broadcast a live video in one click, from your smartphone.

You might think that Facebook is coming a bit after the battle and that Facebook Live is nothing more or less than a new Periscope or Meerkat . Well not really …

Already, this is a feature edited by Facebook, the leader in social networks with its 1.5 billion members. That says a lot about the potential of Facebook Live.

Then, Facebook Live offers features unavailable on Periscope and Meerkat. Facebook Live allows you to choose the people who will be able to see your Live when on Periscope and Meerkat the lives are potentially visible to all users.

The other big difference is that Facebook Live videos do not have an expiration date: on Periscope, the videos are currently available in replay for 24 hours. With Facebook Live, your videos can be accessed indefinitely from your profile or company page.

Why integrate Facebook Live into your communication strategy?
In the age of the internet and social networks, the expectations of your customers, prospects and partners are changing. The Internet user favors interactive communications and instantaneity. In this situation, Facebook Live stands out as a relevant lever. Facebook Live allows you to interact live with your audience and therefore gain proximity, responsiveness and persuasion.

How To Create A Facebook Live

As a consumer, what marks you the most? Read an interesting article or watch a live video that lets you directly participate in the conversation? Here you can see the full potential of Facebook Live.

Facebook Live, what uses for your business?
Here is a loose list of uses for which you could use Facebook Live to boost your communication:

Promote / demonstrate your products and services;
Share your news;
Broadcast interviews with your partners / collaborators;
Have your clients testify;
Broadcast your events live;
Ensure your press conferences;
Organize business operations;
Schedule question / answer sessions;


Offer real-time customer service;
Conduct real-time market research;
This list is not exhaustive and your success on Facebook Live will depend in part on your imagination and your ability to organize original lives.

10 tips for making a success with Facebook Live
To make a success of your direct on Facebook Live and thus optimize your impact, it is important to respect some good practices. Here are the steps to follow for a successful Facebook Live.

Communicate upstream
To ensure that you attract as many people as possible, consider communicating around your Facebook Live a few days beforehand.

Do not hesitate to contact the participants a few hours before the start of the live to remind them of your intervention. This will allow you to optimize the participation rate.

Test Facebook Live before your first live
It’s all silly but it’s crucial for the success of your Facebook Live. Before your live time, do a test of the platform to verify that everything is working correctly. You will thus avoid all the unforeseen events which could hamper your direct.

Check your internet connection
It’s a bit of a continuation of the previous tip. Make sure you have a sufficient connection to avoid slowdowns or even interruptions of your Facebook Live… What could be more frustrating than watching a video that cuts continuously?

Facebook Live Vs Periscope & Meerkat

Optimize the description of your Facebook Live
We saw it previously in the article: before you start broadcasting your Facebook Live, you must enter its description.

Do not neglect this part since it is the description that will convince Internet users whether or not to participate in your Facebook Live. Be an incentive and think about added value!

Plan an introduction and a conclusion
Do not go straight to the heart of the matter. This is common sense but, as with a real event, it is important to welcome participants and thank them for their attention at the end of your intervention. Also, don’t forget to introduce yourself and remember your details at the end of your Facebook Live.

Address the participants
During your Facebook Live, participants will leave you comments. Do not hesitate to name them explicitly. In this way, you will value your audience and encourage them to interact even more.

Respond to comments
The advantage of live is interactivity. To optimize the impact of your Facebook Live, it is essential to answer participants’ questions.

If you cannot do it live (for example if you are retransmitting one of your conferences), do not hesitate to ask one of your collaborators to note the most relevant questions in order to integrate them into the phase of questions / answers which traditionally takes place at the end of a speech.

Get people to take action
We observe on social networks that asking to share, comment or like a post causes more engagement than not asking.

Simply put, if you ask for a retweet on Twitter, you’ll get more retweets than if you don’t. For Facebook Live, it’s the same.

Want participants to comment? Ask them! Want them to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website or whatever? Ask them!

Integrate your Facebook Live into your website
Facebook Live allows you to integrate your videos into a website after the broadcast. Do not deprive yourself of it!

Tip # 10 – Relay the Replay from your Facebook Live
As we have seen previously, unlike Periscope, your Facebook Live video remains available for as long as you want.

So don’t hesitate to share it on your website, as seen above, but also on all of your social networks! This will drastically increase the number of views of your Facebook Live. Your turn now !

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